Recouping Nicely

After a couple long hot showers and a lot of sleep we’re both feeling human again. Finally. We’re still achy but the pain has diminished greatly. I’ve been doing research on the shoes, socks, stretches, exercises, yoga, massages, foot soaks, medicine, ointment etc to help with the upcoming week. Here’s what I’ve come up with. I’ll be doubling my socks or wearing a super thick pair with Chris’ old shoes. If that doesn’t work we got a pair of insoles to try instead. I’ll continue to do the foot massages before and after work. We found a great deal on the tub Pinks is modeling so nicely at the Walmart today. A whole 75 cents!! It’s just big enough to get both my boats in and it’ll stack easily when not in use, by me or the kids. So I expect I’ll be soaking as we wind down after work with a bit of epsom salts. We’ve been on a heavy regiment of tylenol, 1500 mg 3X a night, this whole week. I know we need to cut it back. So we got some 200 mg ibuprofen to try this week. Even if we alternate it’s better and moving in the right direction. I also found some great stretches to do before and during work to help combat the pain and swelling. Going to go with this as a plan of action for the week and adjust as necessary. Plan for the worst, Hope for the best – as Mr always says.

We got some of our shopping done today but it was so rainy and cold all we wanted to do was snuggle back up. So that’s exactly what we did!! We slept on and off all day snuggled in the blankets with the kids. With the high for the day reaching a grand total of 61 degrees it was a bit of a shock to us all. We also figured out that we do NOT have heat in the rig… Apparently the ‘heat’ we felt before was only because it was hot outside, when it’s cold outside it only blows cold… Go figure. We’re hoping when it’s sunny and cold the sun on our aluminum roof will help keep the rig warmer but on these overcast rainy, and God forbid snowy, days we’re going to have to figure out another source of heat. With the kids we aren’t comfortable with an electric heater at all. We’re leaning more towards another electric blanket that way we can have one covering the bed and one covering the couch for the munchkins. We may also need to pick up a heavier comforter to add to the bed. Luckily these temps aren’t supposed to hang around and we’ll be back up into the lower 80s within a couple of days so it’s not an immediate need but it is something we have to figure out cuz the colder temps will be here before we know it I’m afraid.

I’ve started the search for our next job. I know it may seem early but with the delay in starting with Amazon our vacation between jobs may be cut shorter than originally planned. It’s our top priority to get a new rig and if we need to sacrifice some time off to have a bigger, better, newer rig than that’s what we’ll do. So the hunt begins to find a ‘winter’ job instead of waiting for a summer gig as a campground host. I’ve got a couple good leads but we’re always open to new and different jobs so if anyone has heard of anything for the first part of the year shoot me an email!!

Tomorrow is full of errands and chores – Yuck!! Still going to be quite cool with the possibility of rain – Double Yuck!! Oh well…at least we’ll get to try the other Chinese place in town!! There’s always a silver lining folks, ALWAYS!!

With much love

Mrs Madcap


4 thoughts on “Recouping Nicely

  1. Just a thought, we have a little electric stove , looks like a wood burning stove, will not tip over as it is at least 24 inches high and roughly 12 in depth, and maybe 22 23 inches wide, suppose to heat really well looks like a wood burning stove so can be romantic…… The children would be safe and it should heat pretty much your rig and it is electric, we got ours from Wally world this year. It will help lots and you could put it on your bed when you move. Hope you figure it out and your legs and feet will get use to walking on the cement floors and the walking. I am cheering for you.

  2. Loving your blog! I’m a new reader and am enjoying reading about your adventure! You make me wanna do the Amazon workforce, even if just as a challenge! Thanks for sharing!

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