New Balance Shoes

We’re enjoying the last day of our weekend. Pain free!! The ironic part is that we are ready to go back. We had our recoup time but we miss it and are ready to tackle the new area and tack on some more miles. It’s a challenge, a game, an adventure and believe it or not – Fun. I keep thinking of myself as an elf. I may not be sending out Christmas presents yet but I imagine them as Birthday presents or I Love Me presents or Just Because presents that whoever receives will be just as thrilled as if it is Christmas morning. It’s FUN!! I’ll probably be one of those crazy kooks that’s running around the warehouse in December with a real elf hat on. It’s all about the fun!! If I’m going to be an elf I need to look like one right? 🙂

We went to the shoe store in town to try on some of these New Balance shoes everyone keeps raving about. I know I’ve mentioned that I have big feet… There’s no dainty slender petite ladies feet at our house…nope…I’ve got Big Boat Size Waunky Fat Feet. This is no surprise to me, I accepted it a long time ago, nothing I can do about it, my genes determined this long before my love of high heels ever kicked in. By the way – Thanks Dad for the BIG feet and Thanks Mom for the Waunky factor!! 😉 Once the sales woman realized my foot wasn’t going to fit into any of the Women’s sizes and we moved on to the Mens section we started making some headway. She knew just which ones I needed as soon as I mentioned Amazon. I have to admit these are some of the ugliest shoes I’ve ever seen! Why is it necessary to put the brightest boldest colors and designs on sneakers? Not that I give two hoots what they look like so long as they stop my feet from hurting… I’m just saying…is Neon Lime Green and shiny Silver really the best color choice for shoes this big?? And by big I mean the size 10.5 wide Men’s shoe that felt the best. I lovingly call them my boats but I don’t want them to actually look like boats!! So the shoe in the store was a New Balance # 770 (pictured to the right) on sale for $109.99. **Gasp** I told the very nice lady Thank You for the help but we need to do some shopping around. Meaning I’d be running home and searching online praying I can find a bargain on boat size fluorescent lime green shoes!! I haven’t found the exact shoes yet but I did find a couple other pairs in the 700 series in my size. The higher the number the better. And I thought the lime green ones were bad… Orange and Yellow?? Really?? I’d look like I was wearing pumpkins on my feet!! But you know what?? I’ll wear pumpkins for $39.95 over $109.99!! Or I have one other option, kinda the mid-point between the two… At $49.95 they’re still a bargain but unfortunately still ugly as sin. This is why I’ll never get Mr to change his shoes. For as long as we can scour the earth to find his precious Reeboks he won’t even entertain the idea of putting one of these on his feet. I get it now… What I wouldn’t give for a pair of ballerina flats with a pretty bow about now… The hunt continues though. Chris is hopeful he can find the exact lime green shoes I tried on at a decent price in boat size. If anyone can find it, my Mr can!! If it doesn’t exist, well, pumpkin land here I come!!

Off to finish up our weekend chores before movie night starts. Popcorn and 3-2-1 cake for dinner? Absolutely!! It’s all about the fun remember??

With much love

Mrs Madcap


10 thoughts on “New Balance Shoes

  1. LOL! I LOVE the new bright colors and just bought a pair myself! They are Turquoise with orange laces! I’ve had so many compliments on them! No, they don’t go with the cute outfits… but when walking/running/hiking/touring/exploring… they are GREAT! I can just imagine your feet loving them!

  2. We could share shoes! I am so glad (but sorry for you because I feel your pain) that I am not the only one who has to shop in the men’s shoe dept!! I actually despise shoe shopping because I can never get anything cute anyway. If it makes you feel any better, my shoes are a crazy glow-in-the-dark blue. 🙂 Enjoy your movie night!

    • Another Boater!! Hi!! Welcome to the crew!! It’s always nice to meet more gals that have feet that just don’t allow for much fun. We just have to choose a different outlet for our Fabulousness to shine!! Besides comfort is better anywho!!

  3. actually, I happen to think the colorful ones are great! Why not have some colorfun feet? We are in the ballpark for a simulcast from the opera house of the Verdi opera Rigoletto. Red wine, garlic fries and La Donna Mobile…. perfect.

  4. I also l ove the bright colors I wear shoes, shorts, shirts, or jogging pants anything bright and colorful is for me… LOVE… I love all the shoes, but not the prices… I agree shop around. Have fun and let us know what works best.

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