Pushing On

We’re still here!! Just working away. Tired. With the whole warehouse being opened up we’ve been spending a lot more time on the concrete floors which is extra brutal. I nearly quit last night… My feet hurt so badly, now I’m getting sharp shooting pains up my legs. Which is causing my knees to ache and swell along with the beginning of shin splits, oh joy my favorite. Taking all that into account you might be able to see why I was crying in the stacks last night. Then I put my big girl panties on and sucked it up and hobbled my way through the remainder of the night. While I was giving myself my pep talk I actually started focusing on where on my feet the pain was coming from. I figured out that the heel of my right foot and the ball of my left foot were the culprits. On next break I told Chris about my discovery and he started laughing hysterically. I was not finding the humor in it at all. Once he contained himself he explained that those are the pressure points he walks on. So even with the gel inserts in the shoes those areas are so broken down they have ZERO support. Last night was the last night with me in his shoes. You should have seen me trying not to put pressure on the one heel and the other ball…I looked like egore limping through the warehouse. But I stuck it out and did it regardless. Our new house is at stake, I’m not gonna puss out and ruin that over a pair of stupid shoes!! Tonight I’ll be trying my 3rd and last pair of shoes. My last resort is my white Reeboks that are several years old and well broken in. I’ll be taking the insoles out of Chris’ old shoes and putting them in my white sneakers. Hopefully Chris’ paycheck issue will be resolved soon and I’ll be able to order my New Balance shoes!!

On the funner side of our Amazon experience and our laugh of the day –

Amazon sells EVERYTHING!! From cans of soup to makeup to lion food to teething rings to expensive jewelry to computer components along with every book, CD and DVD ever made!! They also sell well…adult items…every toy, vibrator, lotion, cream, video etc. you can imagine and a lot you couldn’t dream up if you had too. So here’s Chris running through the aisles tossing this and that into his tote. His scanner tells him his needs 7 “butterflies” for his next pick. But they aren’t ‘butterflies’ at all…they’re some sort of toy. Now he had his cart parked down the aisle expecting little butterflies. So he has to stack all the toys in his arms and carry them back to the cart. Wouldn’t have been so bad if he hadn’t of ran into a little old lady on the way back to his cart. It’s a toss-up on which one of them was more embarrassed by the encounter!! I’d have paid real money to see that one!!

So, we’re off to the showers and then get ready to do it all over again!! Yippee.

Today is Chris’ little sisters Birthday!! Happy Birthday Amy!! We love ya and wish you all the bestest!! It also happens to be my son’s Birthday. Dickie is a whopping 16 today. Don’t worry – he won’t be on the road in this lifetime!! Hard to believe our little baby that has been with us from the beginning in Guam is starting to get up there… Happy Birthday King Richard!!

With much love

Mrs Madcap


2 thoughts on “Pushing On

  1. Kristy,
    I have plantar facilitis{heel pain] and I usr a fantastic insole called “Powerstep” the full length version. You may want to try them. Amazon may have them. Good luck, Tom Brown

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