Our Friday…Kind Of…

I hit my numbers!! Yippee!! WooHoo!! Hooray!! Chris has been jumping over his numbers from nearly the beginning but last night was the first night that I hit mine!! You may be thinking my feet felt better then… Oh HELL NO!! I sobbed when I got home. I’m talking the kinda sobbing where you can’t breathe. But I pushed through none the less and I made my quota!! Today I’m wearing the last option in shoes, Chris’ new pair. We’re expecting overtime on a voluntary basis for tomorrow so hopefully these bad boys will carry me through the next 2 days.

On a happy note we did find and order my new shoes this morning. They should be here before our shift next week. Double Hooray!! Chris, my internet genius, found a pair that are not God awful ugly in a super high number, 1225, in my size, Womens 12 Wide. **Sigh** He saved the day, yet again!! And Charlie (Charlie Cheep Ass) found them for a grand total of $55 shipped!! My hero!!

Yes, Aunt Judy, they are blue and orange….Chicago Bears & Boise Bronco colors. Should thrill the Family in Illinois and all our friends in Boise!! Funny thing is we are a completely sport free household so it means very little to us. TeeHee

My research continues for the next job. I’ve gotten some good info on Southern Cross as gas line inspectors. If any of y’all has worked for them or heard anything, good or bad, about them – shoot us an email!! My usual sources are sketchy on info for these guys. I research everything as well as I possibly can before reaching out to the employers. I like to have all my ducks in a row first!!

So, to update y’all on Chris’ mileage for the week, so far, he’s at 43 miles in 3 days. That’s over his total for last week where he ended at an even 40 miles. Very Very impressive!!

Well, off to make sandwiches and get rollin.

With much love

Mrs Madcap


3 thoughts on “Our Friday…Kind Of…

  1. Kristy,
    I found info on gas line job on Escapee rv forum. The author was named Bob Arnold . Several pages of discussion on the subject. Hope that helps.

  2. I’m glad you found some shoes!!! Sorry I wasn’t fast enough! Also, I have a pedometer, do you want one too? If so message me your address on Facebook and I’ll send it to you! 🙂

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