Week 2 Recap

So we’re relaxing on our weekend. Spent the whole day and night yesterday doing absolutely nothing but vegging; slept in, ate, took a nap, watched some TV, played online, ate, watched the lightning storm, listened to the fat raindrops on the roof, slept some more. It was absolutely fantastic, perfect in every way!! We opted out of the overtime this go round. We thought our bodies need the rest more than anything. I’m so glad we did. The swelling in my feet is finally going down a full 24 hours after we ended our shift. We needed this.

I just calculated Chris’ steps, mileage and calories burned for the week. He only wears the fitbit while at work so our normal activities aren’t included in these numbers which makes them even more impressive in my mind. Thanks to my good friend Candice I’ll be sporting my own pedometer next week!! Thanks Gorgeous!! You’re the bestest!!

Steps – 96,410

Miles – 42.14

Calorie burned – 19,156

I think I forgot to put Chris’ weight loss in for last week cuz he weighed after I did. But he was the Biggest Loser last week with an 8 pound loss over my 5 pound loss. I wasn’t expecting a big loss for this week, as anyone that watches the real Biggest Loser knows the 2nd week is infamous for being especially difficult after the initial big loss. And the results for this week are…. Drum Roll please….

Chris – 3 pounds lost

Kristy – 1 pound lost

I am starting to see little changes in my legs and arms. My clothes are feeling different and I definitely need my belt for my jeans!! But it’s especially hard for me to see a lot of the changes without a full length mirror to speak of. All of the mirrors I see only have views from the boobs up. I’m confident I’ll start seeing better results once the new shoes come in next Wednesday (Ugghhh) and it feels like I’m walking on clouds!! It’s hard to move fast when you’re in pain…

I’ve been researching naturally energizing foods to add to our shopping list this week. We ate a lot of convenience foods this past week at home. I don’t want to do that again. I knew there had to be easy foods out there that would boost our energy levels during work and that Chris would eat, just had to find ’em!! My initial search uncovered that oatmeal, almonds, yogurt, bananas, melons, beans and of course water are all naturally energizing foods. Luckily a lot of them are also easy to pack in a lunch and a quick grab for breaks for me…unfortunately almonds and water are the only two on the list that my Mr Picky will eat. So my hunt continued. I also found that eggs, blueberries, mushrooms, chicken and fresh orange juice were energizers too. Now we’re getting somewhere!! Chris will eat eggs, chicken and good orange juice too. We’ll be bursting with energy this week with all the fresh goodies instead of the microwave quick and easy junk. I suspect the scale will see the impact as well. Double Bonus!!

With much love

Mrs Madcap


4 thoughts on “Week 2 Recap

  1. It was mailed out today! I mailed out so much today I think she said Tuesday or Wednesday of next week it should be there! 🙂 And you are more thank welcome my friend!

  2. Might try humus and carrots…great protein recharge. I like the roasted red pepper flavor and the real organic carrots you have to peepl…for awesome flavor. I can’t stand those weird tiny weeney ones…seem fake. Can’t imagine that many miles on concrete! Hoping those “new” shoes feel like you walking on air :O)

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