Gratitude Rock

I am in love with ‘The Secret’ book series by Rhonda Byrne. I believe the power of the Universe is unending and it’s only our limited imaginations that hold us back from having the life we truly desire. One of the most powerful activities that anyone can do to bring about the life of their dreams is to be grateful for what we have. When we are grateful for the blessings we already have in our lives then the Universe responds in kind with more blessings!!

Sometimes it can be hard to find the good in a situation; to find the blessing, the life lesson or to see where the road is taking you. The Gratitude Rock is a fabulous reminder to count your blessing, big and small, daily (multiple times a day!!) and give thanks for the wonderful gifts you have in your life.




Here’s the condensed story of how the concept of the Gratitude Rock came to be –

“Lee Brower was a teacher who found that things weren’t going right in his life. One day, he found a rock and he said to himself ‘Every time I touch this rock, I’m going to think of something I’m grateful for’. And so every morning he wakes up, picks up his rock from the dresser, puts it in his pocket and he goes through what he’s grateful for in life. And every night he comes home, empties his pocket, sees his rock and again he goes through what he’s grateful for.

And so one day he had a friend from South Africa visit and he dropped the rock in front of his friend and the friend from South Africa asked ‘What is that?’ Lee Brower explained what he was doing with his rock and pretty soon his friend started calling it a Gratitude Rock. Two weeks later, Lee Brower got an email from his South African friend asking if he had any Gratitude Rocks to send over. His friend explained that his son was suffering from a rare form of Hepatitis and was dying. So Lee went to the river to look for rocks and he sent the rocks to his friend in South Africa.

Five months later, Lee gets an email from his friend telling him that his son is doing terrific and completely cured of the disease.”  

I love this concept and idea!! Why not?? We all have trinkets lying around that remind us of someone or a trip we took. Why not combine all those happy positive thoughts into one perfect little stone that you can take with you everywhere??

I’m so in love with this that I have started collecting small flat stones from our travels. My hope is to find the stone meant for each of you. And to get your stone to you so that you have the opportunity to enjoy this daily ritual as much as I do.

I haven’t found ‘my’ stone yet. But I continue to look, I know it’s out there… I practice my gratitude, giving thanks for my many blessings, several times a day. I’m always grateful for my wonderful husband, my cute little furballs, my understanding family, a roof over my head, food in my belly, money in my pocket, clean water to drink, a warm shower, my health, my sanity, my fabulous lifestyle… And everyday I look for the blessings I’ve been over looking, taking for granted or those that have went unnoticed and I’m grateful for those as well – catching up with an old friend, making new friends, real creamer in my coffee, finding the perfect shade of red nail polish, good hair days, clean laundry, a good nights sleep, cool fall days, a field of wild sunflowers, comfy shoes, music….the list is endless!!

Is gratitude a daily ritual for you? Have you tried to count your blessings? Do you need a reminder…a gratitude stone perhaps?

What are you grateful for??

“If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is Thank You, it will be enough.”  Meister Eckhart

With much LOVE

Mrs Madcap


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