Its Off to Work We Go!!

Another long relaxing weekend has come to an end… How come is it the weekends go so fast and the work week just drags?? Same here as it was in cubicle city I guess…

We got all our errands and chores done to make the work week easier. Last week we weren’t as good about that and it really sucked to have to run into town for this and that before work. So, RV is clean, dishes and laundry caught up, lunches prepped for the week and we’re fully stocked pantry and fridge. I think we’re good to go!!

I made up a big batch of chicken salad for our lunches this week. I’m hoping the extra protein will give us some extra energy!! I also made my fruit salad for the mornings. This week we’re trying some different grab-n-go snacks, once again going for that much-needed extra energy boost, hoping the nuts, yogurt and bananas work some magic!! It’s gotta be better than caffeine and energy drinks, right?? We may need to add a good multi-vitamin to the mix if the get-up-and-go foods don’t do the trick.

Last night I socialized with the Amazonians in the campground for a few hours. There are so many of us now I can’t keep everyone straight… The first row of the campground is full up with more coming in daily. It’s great to hear their stories of the adventures they’ve had and the places they’ve been. A glimpse into our future!! And everyone’s so sweet and friendly. We feel at home even though we’re obviously a lot younger and just starting out, regardless we’re accepted into the fold as equals.

Chris finally got his computer and Playstation set up over the weekend. Neither has seen the light of day since take off. Needless to say he was beside himself excited to get some gaming in. It was long over due!! He is so stinkin cute playing his Lego game and giggling away. It’s the little things… The sound of him laughing and having fun is music to me.

But alas the weekend is over… Time to get some grub and then make lunches. And put on some blasted shoes…. Grrrr

** Happy Happy Birthday to my beautiful little sister!! May the coming year be full of all you desire!! I love you! **

With much LOVE

Mrs Madcap


One thought on “Its Off to Work We Go!!

  1. I’ll be arriving on the 2nd, one more week to go! I do appreciate you guys sharing your experiences here, it gives me a better idea of what I’ve gotten myself into. 😉

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