What Will Be Will BE!!


I’m home today…or tonight however you want to look at it I suppose. Either way no work for me today. I actually came home early last night because of my feet. The further we get into this the more miles we’re walking (Chris racked up nearly 14 miles last night) and the majority of it is now on the concrete. I am not doing well with this… When I bandaged my blisters last night I saw the bruises for the first time. I knew they felt like they were bruised but NO, they’re a lovely shade of deep purple in patches along the whole bottom of both of my feet. It wasn’t until I physically saw the bruising that it dawned on me that I’m actually hurting myself. All this time I’ve been being hard on myself and bummed that I’m such a wimpy girl, cursing all those years in cubicle city for making me weak!! But I decided a couple of hours or even a whole day (today) off was better than continuing to do damage with the obviously wrong shoes. Tomorrow my new fabulous shoes will finally be in and I want my feet to be as ‘normal’ as possible to give them a real chance!! If my feet are broken how am I going to be able to tell what’s the shoes and what’s my feet?? So I’m home alternating between soaking these puppies in ice water (not fun – very painful) and elevating them with some massaging in the mix too. This has been my routine since I got home yesterday but the swelling has yet to diminish. But I’m hopeful that continuing the regiment will do the trick and by tomorrow afternoon when I slip those new beauties on my feet will be in heaven walking on the clouds!!

I have acknowledged that this job just may not be possible for me… As was so aptly put to me last night, it’s Chris’ job to be perfect, not mine!! So these shoes are my last hope. If they aren’t magical then this job won’t work for me and I’ll have to figure out something else. Not the end of the world. We have a bunch of other options just have to figure it out as we go, what suits us better, that’s all. No worries. What will be will be. No point in worrying about it or crying about it… Stressing doesn’t help anything. It’ll all play out one way or the other. We’re just along for the ride!!

As an added bonus we have a 4 day weekend this week. It works out perfectly with my shoe break-in plan!! I do realize, magic shoes or not, they’re going to take some time to break-in. I’m also realistic that my feet are going to be sore I’m just shooting for no more bruising!! So to break-in my magic shoes we’re going to do a whole lot of walking on our long weekend. Ironic isn’t it?? Chris has yet to find the humor in my plan… He’ll come around though!! This also happens to be payday weekend!! Yippee!! Hooray!! Our first full check since starting this fun-filled job. Couldn’t have planned it better myself!! Anywho, we’re both in desperate need of a get away weekend. Nothing sounds better than a hot bath and a big bed to sprawl out on in an air-conditioned room without the kids. So we’re headed into Oklahoma to hit some Indian Casinos and do just that!! Walk and walk and walk around those casinos and then go and relax in a sweet hotel room. Paradise!!

Well, I’m off to do another round of ice water…Oh Joy!!

With much love

Mrs Madcap



13 thoughts on “What Will Be Will BE!!

  1. Bless your heart…u don’t want to damage your feet down the road. If u get by a health food store get some arnica. I carry in my bag and homeopathic for trauma and bruising. Get pills and cream. Hope shoes do it…my new ones feel like heaven…they say last one year after heavy use. And new doors always open…may u be blessed with answers!

    • Thank you for the natural remedy!! I’ve gotten it written down for the next ‘real’ town we’re in with more of a store selection. I prefer natural everything over the alternatives… Thanks for the blessings as well, the answers are flowing in!! 🙂

  2. Kristy,
    Have you been to the first aid at Amazon? They can give you tips or, if nothing else works, you can talk to HR and find out if there’s jobs available with less walking. You never know they might need help with filing in Safety.

    During our last week or two at amazon.com last year I got gout in my hand and they re-assigned me to light duty–filing Safety paperwork. I got to SIT all day.

    You never know unless you ask and explore your options.


  3. Yup, time to head to the school nurse to assess options if the NB’s don’t solve. Valued employees can always be slotted into something, at least until the medical issue subsides. good luck.

    • I’ll be heading over that direction next week if need be. I’d really love to keep working if at all possible!! Our contact in HR is fabulous, hopefully he can help too. Thanks for the encouragement!! It’s just the dose I needed!!

  4. Is it possible to do another job at Amazon? I know there are positions that do not require walking a marathon every night. I hope your footsies are feeling better and that your new shoes are what you have been looking for.

    • A different job option will be my next inquiry if the shoes aren’t the answer. Where there’s a will there’s a way!! How’s your tootsies holding up?? Much better I hope!!

      • I think the two weeks of “work-hardening” must have been just what the docor ordered because I am feeling really good. I have minimalist shoes, so they are light and flexible and my feet love them. Looking forward to your updates.

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