Good Morning World!!


We made it to our long weekend!! I had some doubts along the way but alas we’re here. Enjoying our down time after a great long nights sleep. I blinked and was out for nearly 10 hours. Can you say exhausted??

My new shoes arrived on time and I was able to wear them all night long without tears. This is a big step in the right direction. My feet were incredibly sore but not hurting. The swelling has already went down and the bruises are fading nicely. I’m hopeful with this progress I’ll be able to continue on and persevere.

We’ve made friends with Lisa and Rick, another workamping couple from one of the other parks. We usually do breaks and lunches with them at work and may be meeting up with them at the casinos this weekend. This is their 2nd time working at Amazon and they’re a wealth of knowledge on full-timing. Lisa received a fancy foot soaker/massager as a gift last time they were here working because she was having so much trouble with her tootsies. She’s going to let me have it since I’m having all these issues. She insisted it’s what saved her last time and wants me to enjoy the benefits as well. Ain’t that just stinkin fabulous!! Thanks Lisa!! You’re the bestest ever!!

Here’s Chris’ tally for the week. The miles are increasing each week and we wonder where they’ll end up during peak season. One of the managers said last night that we’ll start to work our way up to the 35 mile mark a night. She must have been exaggerating just a smidge or she’s smokin crack cuz that doesn’t seem humanly possible, not to do on a continuous basis and have any accuracy at all… But time will tell. I’ll have my own pedometer to wear all next week to see how my own mileage stacks up. Thanks again Candice!! You ROCK!!

Total Steps – 107,989

Total Miles – 47.05

As for the Biggest Loser results this week… I can see huge changes in both of us so the number is just a number…

Chris – lost 2 this week  Total loss – 13 lbs

Kristy – gained 3  this week   Total loss – 3 lbs

Sometimes that’s just the way it goes… All I can do is try harder next week and push forward. But y’all have to remember, I’m not on a diet!! I’m on a mission to get healthier… I’m not counting calories or on some kind of ‘plan’, no pills or shakes or gimmicks here. Just sensible eating and regular exercise. Pretty simple…

Well folks, that marks the end of week 3. Only 12 to go till Christmas!! That’s right…if ya ain’t started your Christmas shopping you only have 12 weeks left or more realistically 6 more paydays before the blessed holiday is here. I wish it weren’t so but the commercialism of the holiday seems to over shadow the real reason for the season more and more every year. To me at least… Anywho, that’s another post for another day…

With much love

Mrs Madcap



6 thoughts on “Good Morning World!!

  1. So happy to hear you have happier feet.

    Don’t fret the numbers, they’re only numbers. You’re out there boogeyin’ so there’s gonna be great results.

    Keep up the good attitude and good work.


    • I’m thrilled with my happier feet!! Hopefully they are headed straight for full on HAPPY FEET!! Oh those pesky numbers will do whatever they want…whatever…last time I checked healthy didn’t have a number assigned. Just a nice benchmark to keep track of…

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