Change of Plans…

Where’s the fun if everything goes according to plan all the time??

We scrapped the casinos idea when Chris woke up yesterday with a migraine. He nursed it as best he could but after a bit of grub took yet another handful of pills, gave in and crawled back in bed for several hours. A nasty crick in his neck seems to be the culprit and after a long hot shower it finally seems to be working itself loose and letting up a bit. So a new plan is underway to go venturing into Independence KS today to check out the fabulous 124 acre park they have complete with a Zoo, carousal and Mini Golf Course. And get this…the park is FREE!! Yep, there are still places that have cool stuff to do for FREE!! I think I’m even more excited to go to the park than I was for the casino. I can’t remember the last time we went to the Zoo!! They even have a Monkey Island!! I’ll take tons of pictures for ya!!

With Chris out of commission I got some chores done, did a little cooking and finished my book. I need to work on my grocery list for next week, still trying to incorporate more high protein/high energy foods which is no easy task with Mr Picky Pants!! We both agree that sandwiches are a ton easier than anything we have to warm due to the long lines at the microwaves but the chicken salad sandwiches last week gave us both heart burn. Which is so strange because it never has before… Anywho we’re going to try Salami and Provolone sandwiches for the Mr and I’ll be having peanut butter and honey on birdseed bread. We’ll see if that works better, if not I may just have to revert back to the energy drinks to give me a boost at lunch time.

Don’t forget – It’s National Coffee Day!!

A holiday in our home!!

Share a cup of java joy with someone you love!!



There are a ton of new Amazonians coming in almost daily it seems, huge RVs and 5th wheels are beginning to fill the park. I suspect it won’t be long at all until this place is full as the 3rd quarter gets here and we’re all ramping up to get our elf hats on. The new owners of the park are busily making improvements to accommodate all of us. We recently went to the new office to report some internet problems we were having and the new owner gave us 2 months of free internet for our trouble!! A big score for us since that was costing us $10 a week, a total of $90 in savings!! The bath houses have been much cleaner and they’ve mowed the ‘grass’ twice in the last 2 weeks, we with the old guys we were beginning to wonder if they even owned a mower. They are also breaking ground on a large fenced in dog run. Not a big deal to us cat people but there are a lot a dogs that will be happy campers to get to run free, play some ball and socialize with the other doggies in the neighborhood. The price on the laundry is also being reduced from $2 a wash to $1.25, not sure on the dryers but still…I’ll take it!!

Last night I had another horrible stomach ache. It came on all of a sudden and I was doubled over in pain. Before I knew it was sweating profusely, my belly was distended and I wasn’t sure if I was gonna poo or puke or both. Last time this happened Chris found online that if you lay on your back with your feet propped up it allows more blood flow to your midsection and elevates the pain – which it did but it took awhile. Last night I immediately got in bed with my feet propped up and the pain subsided almost as quickly as it began, the sweating stopped and my belly went back down to normal. But I was afraid to move. I didn’t want it coming back… So there I stayed and just called it an early bedtime. Of course this morning I immediately jumped on Google to investigate. Since the only thing out of the ordinary I ate yesterday was popcorn I was convinced it was the villan. If you Google popcorn induced tummy ache all of these scary huge worded medical diseases come up!! Maybe I’m just getting old… Regardless, no more beloved popcorn for me. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

And a parting shot of my babies – all in a row – being good – not something you see everyday!!

With much love

Mrs Madcap


4 thoughts on “Change of Plans…

  1. The tummy aches and migraines are scary. Hope they don’t come back. And glad to hear they are improving your camping area.

    Have a blast at the park! It sounds like a lot of fun. Glad to see you making time to enjoy yourselves!

    And the kitties are precious! ๐Ÿ™‚

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