Fracin Feet

We’re still here… Been a tough week at work. My feet refuse to cooperate. They’re now a constant source of pain for me.

I know you’re probably tired of hearing about my stupid feet. Sorry. I don’t mean to bore you or whine all the time…

I’ve known I wasn’t doing well at the job. Giving it my best, running as fast as these bruised and beaten stumps will take me, but I knew it wasn’t good enough. Everyone says I shouldn’t worry about that because they don’t fire workampers. Is that really the point though? I’ve been accused or labeled as an overachiever in my past career so to not do well, by my standards or Amazons, is very difficult for me. I’ve only had one other job that I failed at so miserably, it was when we were stationed in Guam and I was working on the base in the framing shop, I just couldn’t do it no matter how hard I tried. It was devastating then just as it is now.

What now??

I went to see the nurse on Tuesday. I wanted to see if I was just being a big baby or if what I’ve been feeling is way outside of normal. First thing I discovered is that she is NOT a nurse but an EMT. So the information she could give me was limited at best. She did confirm what I suspected, the bruising, constant swelling, sharp shooting pain and mild crunching are NOT normal. She also said that what I have been doing, changing up the shoes/socks/insoles, icing, elevation and massage are the best ‘medicine’ for sore achy feet. She also suggested I go to a doc to get it checked out because she thought I might have stress fractures…fabulous… Unfortunately the Urgent Care in town is only open bankers hours which makes it very difficult to go while we’re sleeping and from what we’ve heard they don’t have the equipment in-house to do X-Rays and I refuse to go to the ER!! So much for that idea…

My next step is to go to our contact in HR to see if he can do a job switch for me. There is one other job that has the same shift/days off/breaks & lunches that we do. It’s a division of shipping which involves standing all day in one place but they have those nifty padded mats to stand on. I’ve heard they aren’t switching anyone though…

If I’m unable to switch I’m afraid I’ll be forced to quit and let Chris run with it on his own. He is doing such a marvelous job and everyone just loves him there. He’s in his element and really enjoys it. I could look for a night-time job in town. Something to stay busy with and make a little extra cash for the kitty. Maybe at the grocery or gas station… Who knows.

If I do quit that puts a huge dent into our savings for the new rig…all because of my stupid ass feet. Ugghhh. It’s so frustrating!!

And the conclusion to this enchanting story is we may not be able to replace the RV after Amazon. We may be forced to return to gate guarding in southern Texas to bank the missing funds.

And it’s all my fault…



14 thoughts on “Fracin Feet

  1. Now, now, now, GF, I’m seeing a lot of assumptions in this post. Doctor is a good idea, even if you have to get x-rays taken at a different place.

    Also, the job in receiving is what Bob and I did in Fernley, NV. Yes, you do stand in one place on a mat, but you slide boxes around, bend and stoop to load carts, so there is a little variety. I will tell you, even standing on a mat your feet can hurt. I used to do little exercises as I was standing there to relieve the tension. At least you’re not walking miles and miles.

    Talk to HR…you won’t know until you try. There are always options. Ask HR about light duty work. There may be something you’re not aware of. I found HR to be most helpful when I had gout in my hand.

    And where are you “hearing” all this stuff anyway. Find out for yourself.

    Oooh, I’m ruthless, aren’t I?

    Do take care of yourself. Do think for yourself.

    I care. Please see the people who can help you.


    • Thanks Susan!! Really. I tend to be on the emotional side of things and need someone (Chris is great at this) to bring me back to reality. The current plan is to take me to the urgent care tomorrow and talk to our HR guy Sunday (our Monday) before our shift. We’ll see what the doc and HR say and go from there. It’s really all we can do… Thanks for being the voice of reason…sometimes hearing it from someone looking in is the best. Big HUGS!!

  2. Hey, don’t beat yourself up. Take care of yourself and be sure to not risk your long tetm health. Gate guard is a great income all works out. Take care of yourself.

    • It’s really hard not be mad at myself and frustrated that I can’t make my body do what I want to… But you’re right I definitely do not want to do any long term damage. I couldn’t imagine this pain being a forever and always problem!! Yikes!! GGing is a fabulous source of income it’s just been a little scary these days…
      Thank you for the encouragement!! I needed it… XOXO

  3. EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON….We just dont know yet what the plan for you is. go easy on yourself and let life take you where you are going. i love you. xoxoxoxoxo


    • I know Ma…just hard sometimes to see beyond the impending doom… Chris keeps telling me we’ll figure it out either way, we always do. Just hard to veer from the plan… It was such a great plan…
      I love & miss you more than my first cup of kofy!!

  4. Kristi, if your feet are taking that bad a beating, you may be damaging them for life. The “crunching sounds” sound especially ominous.

    It’s probably time to accept that this particular job isn’t for you. And if you have to wait a little longer on the RV, it’s a crushing disappointment, but it’s not the end of the world.

    My heart breaks for your struggle. Hope you find solutions soon. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thanks Tiny!! The crunching does seem to be the biggest worry on everyone’s mind. Mine included. When it started tonight I called it a day and left early. Hopefully between the doc tomorrow and HR on Sunday we’ll figure something out…
      Thank you for your concern and well wishes, I can feel the hugs from here.

  5. DITTO to tinycamper !!!! Take care of your body, especially your feet. You can’t get them replaced like a knee, hip, etc. New doors will open….only hoping sooner before later!

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