When was the last time you sat in complete silence? For me it’s been awhile. A long time actually. But that’s exactly what I’m doing now. No AC, no fans, no conveyor belts, no beeping scanners, no TV, no radio, no kids (for the moment anyway). Complete silence.

A car whizzes past on the highway. The clock ticking. The occasional brief spattering of rain. And the sound of my typing.

At first it was deafening. It left a ringing in my ears. And then it settled around me and I couldn’t help but be still. It’s very calming, relaxing, comforting, peaceful, soothing. All I have to do is be. I can think, process, contemplate, consider, marvel, evaluate, ponder, theorize, rationalize, dream, wonder…

I can just be. Be me. Enjoy my time with myself. Breathe. And let it go…

Let it all go…

In this moment all is right in my world. In this moment I have no wants, fears, needs only gratitude for the silence, happiness with my solitude. Tomorrow is tomorrow and I’ll concern myself with it when it gets here… Not a moment before.

I think Chris’ Zen attitude is rubbing off. He is the Zen master after all… Hard to believe once upon a time I had a lot of anxiety about being alone. I thought if you were alone it automatically meant you were lonely. Not true.

Ma is right, everything happens for a reason. Maybe my feet hurting tonight, forcing me to come home early, was for this moment, this silence. This unplanned and unforeseen time with myself, time to reconnect and reenforce what I already knew.

I’m fine. With or without Amazon or any job for that matter. I’m fine. It’s just a job. If it works out – fabulous. If it doesn’t – fabulous. Either way I’m fabulous!! Hard to beat that!!

With much love

Mrs Madcap


3 thoughts on “Fabulous!!

  1. you are fabulous!

    i am glad to read you are having some quiet time. its something we all need from time to time to help us reconnect with ourselves

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