A Chill in the Air

I think October marks the beginning of Fall in Kansas. It’s been getting steadily cooler since the 1st and today we had a whopping high of 50…  50 degrees!!  Oh yeah, there’s a freeze warning in effect for tonight too.  Freeze Warning??  Already…Really?? I’m not ready, Chris ain’t ready and the kids are really not ready!! We all wrapped up in every blanket we own last night for our Castle series athon, including the blessed heating blanket and still my little nose was frozen. This morning when I got up it was all of 50 in the rig, see a theme here?? Same temp in the rig as out…could be a bad sign. On the bright side with no water we don’t have to worry about anything freezing…and it’s a really good reason to make more coffee. Always a good thing!!

We’re supposed to get back up to more reasonable temps in a couple of days so this is just a taste of what’s to come. It’s enough to get our butts moving on stocking up on winter supplies though!! The original plan was to get back to our storage unit before we hit any cold temps to trade out our summer gear for our winter supplies. But like Mr Man always says, ‘Plan for the worst, hope for the best!’ Storage of big bulky items is quite a challenge in Snowball so the heavy robes, slippers, jeans, long sleeves and sweaters were left in storage. Now we’re going to have to find/make room for the unexpected gear we’re going to have to buy. While doing our weekly grocery run we checked out the Farm Supply store and they have a large selection of space heaters that are very safe and reasonably priced. I’m sensing one of those bad boys in our near future!! While at the Wally we hunted through their blanket selection and were surprised they didn’t have any big heavy blankets or a single heating blanket out yet. I know it’s only the beginning of October but if they can have a Winter Wonderland full of Christmas decorations and toys but not a single snuggly blanket?? Really?? Oh well…I wanted to check out the 2nd hand/thrift stores first anywho. But we did find me some above the ankle, super soft, fuzzy and warm bootie slippers. The slipper socks were nice and all but these booties are fabulous!!

As for my trip to Urgent Care…didn’t happen…not because we didn’t try though!! We over slept yesterday for their weird daytime hours and then today they were too booked up to get me in. Oh well, at least we tried right? And they aren’t open tomorrow so Monday is our next opportunity if I still feel the need to go. So we went with our plan B. We had heard from a couple of people about this machine in the Pharmacy dept that I could stand on and it’d tell me which kind of insoles I need. We figured it had to be better than guessing and since they have a money back guarantee, at $50 a pop they better, what did we have to lose by trying ’em. So tomorrow night I’ll be sporting my cool New Balance shoes with my cool new Dr Scholls inserts and new ankle socks!! No one can say I’m not doing everything within my power to try to make this work!! Our list of ideas is getting short though. Next step is our workamper HR guy, he was able to work wonders with getting us in to work maybe (hopefully) he can work some magic to keep me working!! I do believe this will be the week that my fate with Amazon will be determined. Scary and relieving at the same time. But I still have my Zen on about the whole thing and what will be will be!!

Time to get into Castle season 3… Love this series, he is so adorable and witty, reminds me of someone…I just can’t put my finger on it…

With much Love

Mrs Madcap


2 thoughts on “A Chill in the Air

  1. Brrrr. We got down to 60 last night and I had to put another blankie on and turn on the heat!

    You guys must be freezing! As we say in our house…”Throw another cat on.” Right now Sunnie is on the recliner footrest between my ankles keeping my legs toasty. If I didn’t have my laptop on my lap Bowie would probably be there as he spent the better part of the morning keeping my lap warm. Good kitties.

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