What a Crock!!

To put everyone’s mind at ease, including our own, we went to the Urgent Care today even though it meant we’d have to miss work tonight. After trying out the new fancy inserts/insoles last night at work and having them fail so miserably that I had to take them out at first break I knew I’d have to go. That coupled with our Manager tracking me down, again, to tell me how horrible my numbers are and that it’s taking me too long to get from point A to point B. The only way to get my job switched is to have the doc say I can’t be walking so many miles a day so off we went.

After waiting for nearly an hour in the waiting room with a screaming toddler with snot running down her face it was finally my turn. The NP briefly listened to my complaint and then proceeded to lecture me about everything under the sun; I’m taking too much Tylenol, I shouldn’t smoke, I’m too heavy, I’m eating too much salt (even though I’m not) and on and on… I stopped her and told her I’m only here for a note saying I cannot walk so many miles and that I’d prefer to try a job where I stand all day instead. She agreed, reluctantly. The nurse returned with the note and discharge slip and we ran away. Once in the car I read the note, her recommendation is that I do a job with less walking… I’m sure it’s because she was adamant that the exercise was good for ‘someone like me’.  However I’m not as confident that Amazon will see it my way now. Not only did I get scolded, which I wasn’t prepared for or needing, but it cost us both a nights pay and $90 for a note that says virtually NOTHING!!

I think our time in Kansas is about up… Time to start researching new jobs, new areas, new possibilities, a new adventure.

There’s something out there just perfect for us, just gotta find it!!

With much love

Mrs Madcap


3 thoughts on “What a Crock!!

  1. What a horrible Urgent Care experience! I am so sorry your nurse was so rude, that was competely uncalled for and unprofessional. I hope Amazon is able to switch you to a position that will be more comfortable for you. Thinking of you and hoping fr the best.

  2. So sorry, Kristi. People like that shouldn’t be in the medical field. I had a PA like that — literally closed the file on me and made it clear I was wasting his time. I’m so glad–because my current doctor is an absolute gem who is doing her very best for me.

    Hope you find someone like that the next time.

    And I hope wherever you go or whatever you do turns out to be a delight for both of you.

  3. Guys, remember that where we are is really nice weather, good salaries, diverse options…..no advice, just an ad. ha ha. But yeah, the medical profession lives in its own loop sometimes. I had a horrible medical experience today which I will not repeat. . But at least you got your walking papers eh? Good that you insisted.

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