Have you ever had a thought so outrageous that you didn’t even think it was possible?? An idea so preposterous that they said it couldn’t be done. A feeling so strong that it draws you in, consumes you while replenishing you. A need so vicious that if you don’t submit it threatens to devour you. A hope so magnificent that you feel as if you’re flying with the stars. A desire so deeply embedded that you can’t tell where you begin and it ends. A want that consumes your every waking thought and crowds through to your dreams. It’s as though it’s a whisper and a scream in the same breath. A passion that simply cannot be ignored not that you’d want to for even an instance. The yearning is so intense you fear you’ll go up in flames but in the same moment thirsting for more. The hunger is never satisfied yet you feel full to your very soul. The pull is addictive unlike any drug known to man, so intense your inner most being quivers at the thought of a drought.

A dream hatched on a belief encased with faith and drenched in love.

I’m an emotional person. I don’t think logically. I don’t think of the rules, the norm, the standard. I follow my heart. I listen to my feelings. I dream big, but more importantly I pursue my dreams because I believe.

Through love all things are possible if you just believe.

With much love

Mrs Madcap


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