Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy

Lots of things make me happy!! How to choose??

I had to go with what makes me happiest at this moment in our lives which is the thrill of adventure, travel, new experiences, meeting new people and exploring nature. Here are just some of the moments we’ve captured…

We stumbled across this horse while on a driving trip to Salmon Idaho with the Miata Club.

This is one of the beaches in San Francisco that Dad and Yolanda took us to while visiting for the Thanksgiving holiday.

This was our first glimpse of Utah as we were driving cross-country from Idaho to Arkansas.

This is a lighthouse off the coast of Cancun we found while snorkeling on an excursion. I have a thing for lighthouses and we stumbled across this one on accident. A nice find indeed!!

This is one of my most favorite pictures ever. We’re at Tres Rios campground in Texas and Chris is showing me how to river rat for the first time. He has talked about it from his camping trips as a child for many years but this was the first time I got to see him in action and he amazed me yet again with his skill and grace. We had so much fun splashing about in the cool water!!

This is from our drive across country during what was then called the Storm of the Century in 2010. This was the first of the snow we had seen but there was plenty more to follow. Crossing the Rockies with a 22 foot Uhaul pulling a car in a blizzard is not an adventure I’d like to repeat. But the scenery was breathtaking!!

This is Shoshone Falls Idaho. We brought Dad and Yolanda here before venturing out to Balanced Rock where Chris and Dad played Superman. It was a lovely day full of natures beauty and wonders.

This is the ferry-boat we took to the Mejueres Islands off the Cancun coast on the family trip we took with my parents and sister. My first ride on a ferry-boat to an island and my first snorkeling experience. Another fabulous day of adventure!!

This was the most amazing sunset we saw during our time Gate Guarding in southern Texas. A powerful storm swept through the area and left us with this spectacular show of colors after.

This just may be the craziest thing Chris has ever done… Jumping out of a perfectly good Airplane!!

The point of no return…


We’re looking forward to many more adventures like these!!

Happiness overload!!



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