Amazon Update

Just a quick update before we head out to work for the day… Been a trying morning thus far battling for the washers/dryers and now we get to run for 10 hours… Oh well.

Much to my dismay I have not updated y’all on what Amazon had to say about my doctors note.

Apparently there is a special Amazon form that the doctor needs to fill out specifying exactly what I can and can’t medically do. This form is required before my job duties can be reviewed for a possible job trade. So I brought the form back to the Urgent Care where they told me the nurse I had seen wasn’t in that day. I could either come back the next day or see another nurse for another $90 and have her fill out the form. I didn’t want to fork out yet another $90 so I went back the following day. That was when a different receptionist informed me that the nurse would not fill out the form without another visit. I didn’t have time to wait for another appointment and still make it to work on time. Besides, this whole mess had already cost me $400…the last thing I wanted to do was waste another night of pay and pay another $90 for another pointless visit. All in hopes that she would fill it out to reflect a standing position (not likely) and hope that Amazon would switch my job duties.

So, I give. I’m working regardless of how my feet feel until we can secure the next job. I understand Amazon’s rules. From a corporate perspective it makes perfect sense. Unfortunately the Workamper HR guy we’ve been working with up to this point is no longer with Amazon so my last hope is dashed.

And it’s off to work we go…

With Much Love

Mrs Madcap


4 thoughts on “Amazon Update

  1. Their motto should be “We Said Urgent Care, Not Urgent Forms”…pathetic, how hard is it to leave a form, have it updated when attending nurse returns, and be done with it…

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