Down But NOT Out!!

It’s official. I’m no longer employed by My past doctors were unable to sign a medical release for an issue I’m never been seen for before. Which was no big surprise to me but like the HR guy said, a last-ditch effort. I’m doing better with it today than I was before. Mostly because I have a really great lead on our next stepping stone. It’s still too soon to reveal much more I’m afraid… I don’t mean to come off as a tease I just don’t want to jinx it…

Even though my career with Amazon is over Chris’ is still going strong. He’s off to work, our Friday, and I’m finishing up the chores tonight so he can have a nice long weekend full of video games, movies and whatever else we come up with. The weather is supposed to me nice for a change, it seems like it’s been storming for our weekends the last month!! Maybe we’ll finally get to the Zoo/Park in Independence!!

Time for a little more bragging on my Mr Wonderful. He really is good at this job. It’s just the right amount of social interaction and alone time for him to really excel. He received 2 more awards this week. The first was a safety first award for spotting a potentially dangerous situation thus preventing injuries. The second is even more impressive. It seems that my hubby is once again in the top 10% of Amazonians only this time it’s for having 100% accuracy over the last 5000 items picked. Even after all these years he still continues to amaze and impress me.

Hopefully I’ll have more info on our big lead soon…well enough to share anyway. Please keep the good juju, thoughts and prayers coming!!

With Much Love

Mrs Madcap



6 thoughts on “Down But NOT Out!!

  1. Good juju and all fingers and toes x’ed for you guys.
    Rest up and mend. The next adventure is just around the corner.


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