What To Do Now??

I’ve been entertaining myself while Chris is working. So far so good. I’m reading the last Patricia Cornwell book in the Dr Kay series, Red Mist. Her new one should be out anytime now, if it isn’t already. They usually come out just in time for an easy birthday idea for the Mr. Being in the RV now though he’ll probably get me the e-book for the tablet. Since we don’t have cable TV or Dish I’ve been letting our movie collection keep me company during the long night while I wait. So far I’ve watched – Bourne Ultimatum, Wizard of Oz, Run Fat Boy Run, Independence Day, Australia and Crank. Quite the variety pack!! Chris has added Battleship and Zero Effect to my list for next week. Any good book or movie ideas out there??

We watched the latest episode of Castle this morning so we’re all caught up in that series. He is just so stinkin cute… And the critics were right, the long-awaited kiss was so worth it. So the hunt for a new series is on… Chris is knee-deep in a new video game too. He finally found one he can sink his teeth into. Thank heavens!!

I’ve been doing some chores every night but they don’t take very long at all. I also painted my nails while Chris was working so the smell wouldn’t bother him in such an enclosed space. My nails may be short since I took off the acrylics but at least now they are pretty and short. The color’s called Copper Elements, a very sassy fall color!! I think a home pedicure is in order next week. As for my tootsies they’re healing quite nicely. A lot of rest and staying off ’em seems to be doing the trick.

I’ve also been spending some time doing research on diet and nutrition as well as exercise. I stumbled across a diet plan I’ve never heard of before called the Dukan Diet. I actually found it from a fellow blogger that liked one of my posts. She has embraced this diet plan and has had enormous success. From what I’ve gathered so far Dr Dukan practices in France and took over a decade to develop the diet plan while working directly with over a 1000 patients. It is a lot like the Atkins diet in that it restricts your carb intake by eliminating the ‘white’ foods (rice, pasta, bread) and processed foods. But unlike Atkins this plan also restricts the amount of fat you eat focusing on the leanest cuts of meats and veges. It is a little complicated in the steps but the stages seem long enough that mastering one at a time seems doable. Has anyone else heard of this diet plan or had any experience with it?? With this unexpected time off I have the luxury of researching and implementing any eating plan/exercise routine I want. A blessing I don’t plan on wasting this time around. Of course juicing is also a good option… We shall see.

Speaking of exercise plans… Here’s the latest tallies for Chris’ workouts at work. Since it’s been 3 weeks since I tallied it all up the numbers are a bit bigger. He is still averaging 12 miles a night consistently though. Keep in mind these numbers also include a night off to take me to the urgent care, a couple of nights of being sent home early and a night he forgot the fitbit at home… Still beyond impressive!!

Total steps taken – 242,314

Total miles – 205

A few parting pics of the kids, doing what they do best…








With much love

Mrs Madcap


12 thoughts on “What To Do Now??

  1. So glad your tootsies are beginning to heal!

    I’ve been off Atkins for a couple of months and am starting to gain weight. I really want to find something healthy that I can stick to, but I must limit my carbs.

    I think I’ll do a little research on Dukan, too. Thanks for the idea.

    • They are doing much better!! Thanks!! Better enough for me to start a new exercise routine… I read a lot of James Patterson, Patricia Cornwell, Grisham, Danielle Steele. I think I’m going to try some Janet Evochovich.

  2. Fantastic, over 200 miles for Chris????? My fingernails are gold right now 😉
    When I was diagnosed with diabetes in 2006 I elemininated all white,unprocessed flour, but kept brown rice, whole grain pasta, beans, etc. That gives the healthy carbs, which we evidently need. I also eliminated sugar, of course, and use xylitol now as the rest is reputedly crap (splenda, etc). I got several books: The “why French women don’t get fat” book by Montignac (healthy carbs, no sugar, mix protein with vegetables but do not mix starch with protein),the “skinny bitch” book (very simple, direct and youthful). I lost a BUNCH of weight, but can’t brag about why I kept it off….love, Yolanda

  3. Hmmm…chick flicks. Let me think.

    Did you ever see Mamma Mia with Meryl Streep and Pierce Brosnan? Not the best movie ever, but lots of fun if you like music and dancing.

    How about Chocolat? Love this movie.

    Letters to Juliet with Amanda Seyfried and Vanessa Redgrave takes place in Verona, Italy.

    He’s Just Not that Into You with Ben Affleck, Jennifer Anniston and Drew Barrymore.

    How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days with Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey. One of my favorites. I thought this was clever and funny.

    Something’s Gotta Give with Jack Nicholson, Diane Keaton, Keanu Reeves, Amanda Peet. Very good movie.

    The Devil Wears Prada with Meryl Streep, Anne Hathaway and Emily Blunt. Surely you’ve seen this one!!!

    What Women Want starring Mel Gibson, Helen Hunt, Marisa Tomei and Alan Alda.

    That about tapped out my chick flick list except for one of the old standbys: You’ve Got Mail, but I figure everyone has seen this.


    • So I’ve got “He’s Not That Into You” and “Somethings Gotta Give” on order. “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” and “The Devil Wears Prada” are in my favorites along with “Sweet Home Alabama”, “Legally Blonde”, “Failure to Launch” and “Walk the Line” – just to name a few. “What Women Want” was a cute one and I agree with ya on “You’ve Got Mail”!!
      Thanks for the ideas!! Just finished “Water for Elephants” and it was very very good too!! I’m a sucker for Reece tho. She’s one of my favorites, can’t ya tell… 🙂

  4. Good book ideas? Right now I am knee deep in The Hunger Games trilogy. Easy to read but has some real exciting twists. Have not seen the movie yet. Archery and fighting for your life. Right up my ally.

    • Oooh, I loved The Hunger Games! Read the whole trilogy and saw the first movie which I thought was pretty good. Of course they couldn’t put everything in which is typical for a book-to-movie adaptation.

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