Enjoy the Ride

We had an absolutely fabulous weekend at home. Watching movies, catching up on TV series, reading, playing video games. We watched a lot of the Auction Hunters new season – super fun!! Storage Wars is on the way too I hear!! WhooHoo!! It’s the little things folks.

In between the electronic fun I finally found time to do some cooking, first a pork roast and then a big pot of meatballs and sauce. Chris was in heaven!! We went to the Walmart at 1am the other night (the perfect time to go by the way) and stocked up on more lean protein for more real meals. I may have to adjust some of my go-to recipes without an oven or stove top but it’s a challenge I can meet!! Any suggestions are welcome though!! 🙂

Been doing more research on our next move…and then more digging…more thinking…more discussing… So many options. Different avenues. Choices. But they aren’t as daunting anymore. Life is full of choices. They can take us in any direction. I just keep reminding myself to enjoy the ride and not take it all so seriously.

The option I’ve been alluding to recently is just one of many. One that I’m not convinced is the best move for us but we’re keeping our options open, just in case. We have had 2 phone interviews now with a large self storage company mostly in Texas for a Couples Management Team position. I’ve researched this option for us several times now and I always seem to be drawn back to it for some reason. It’s a great middle ground between full-timing and traditional jobs. The job comes with an hourly rate of pay for both of us, benefits, an apartment with utilities paid and a storage unit as well. It’s a great company that primarily promotes within and has the potential of being a solid career move for both of us. If that’s what we want but I’m not sure we’re ready to hang up our keys just yet. We barely hit the 5 month mark of being out on the road and I feel as if we have so much more to see and do. So many places yet to explore and adventures to have. The thought of starting another career is almost smothering. This freedom to come and go as we please, to travel from state to state, job to job, coast to coast is intoxicating. The possibilities are endless… To walk away now…well it feels wrong.

More to come as the delicious dilemma.

Enjoy your adventure, where ever you are on the road of life!!

With much love

Mrs Madcap




3 thoughts on “Enjoy the Ride

  1. I understand how you feel about giving up the road. We have for a while and are in San Antonio. Bob has an excellent job and I may be in line for a part time job when we return from our six-week trip.

    At least Texas is new to us so we have lots of exploring to do. Plus Bob’s job lets us travel as he can do some of it from the road. It’s kind of the best of both worlds and works for us for now.

    I’m sure you’ll work it out between the two of you. We wish you the best.

    Susan & Bob

    • I think you’re absolutely right!! We each need to find what’s right for us. With all the travel you and Bob do I still think of you as full-timing. I bet you’re beyond excited for your Australian adventure!! And solid food for that matter!!

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