Wifey Extraordinaire

I have finally finished my chores for the night and showered and it’s only 1:10am. Whew! I had no idea that stepping into my wifey extraordinaire shoes was going to be more difficult in the rig than in a sticks & bricks…

How? So glad you asked!!

First things first – the dishes had to be done. Badly!! And of course we were completely out of water. So off to the laundry room I go with my 3 gallon size jugs. Get those filled and back to the rig to fill our larger container with a spicket. It’s perfect for rinsing our hands and dishes but dreadfully heavy to fill and carry back. Off to refill the jugs again with hot water for the dishes. Back once again and now I’m prepped to actually do the dishes. I put on a movie to keep me company – Paul – a very cute, light-hearted movie about an alien trying to get home. Now I’m ready to Wash, Rinse and Dry every dish. Dishes done but all the jugs are now empty again. Off to the laundry room for the 3rd time to top off the water supply. Round One Done.

Next task was a load of laundry. Gather all the clothes, grab the huge jug of soap, count out my quarters and off I go to the laundry room. Load the washer and head back to the rig. While doing the laundry I put in another movie, this time I opt for the long but fabulous Pearl Harbor. In between flipping the load (another trip) and adding another 30 mins to the dryer (one more trip for good measure) I sit and roll smokes while watching my movie. Perfect timing!! I’m done rolling just as the laundry is ready to be brought home. One final trip, for the laundry at least. We got a little behind on the folding so while I only did one load of laundry I have 3 full loads to fold. Dump it all on the couch and fold away. It’s all stacked nicely on the bed for Chris to put away since I can’t reach the overhead bins in the bedroom.

Next up is cleaning out the fridge and then to take the trash out. Something was starting to smell funky in the fridge – had to find the culprit!! Turned out to be an expired tomato hiding in the back of a shelf – Gross!! Off for another trip this time to the other side of the park to the dumpster.

And now for the final trip – the Showers!!! That tomato wasn’t the only thing smelling funky after all that!! There’s nothing like a long hot shower!!

Mission Accomplished!! And it only took 9 trips to get it all done!! Well, done for the night at least. Much more to tackle tomorrow but the most pressing concerns have been addressed. I must admit that my feet are sore from all the running back & forth tonight. I wasn’t expecting that so I guess they’re not all better like I thought…

I can’t help but wonder what it’d be like to be able to turn on the facet in the rig and have water… On the bright side, by the time that happens we’ll be experts at conserving water!!

I’m off to lounge on the couch with my book until Mr gets home. Then we’ll chitty chitty about his day and I’ll make him a snack. Did I mention I LOVE being wifey extraordinaire?? It’s the bestest job in the world!! The pays good too!! Kisses are better than cash in a lot of ways…

With much love

Mrs Madcap


11 thoughts on “Wifey Extraordinaire

  1. I’m jealous of your hot water! haha We have had crazy cold winds for the past 3 days…we don’t even get out of the van, yet shower! We do wipe, but you know that’s not the same! Glad you’re loving being a rig wife! Love ya

    • I feel ya on the wind situation!! The wind seems to be crazy nonstop around here too. Must be something about the massive expanse of flat land. It rocks this rig like nobodies business…But it keeps the flies away!! 😉
      Love ya babe!!

  2. Can totally sympathize. We’ve been in our big rig for 6 months – a 1988 Classic Holiday Rambler Alumalite – 35ft of love! – We are also semi-retired and money is TIGHT! – We have just made the last payment for our rig and had enough to have the propane system tested (checked out ok) and an extend-a-stay adapter hooked up to allow us to use an external propane tank. We had our first hot showers in our own bathroom last week!! No more using a hot plate – I have a real LP stove and OVEN!!! After 6 months – I cooked a pork roast o Sunday! Did dishes AND took a shower – didn’t have to leave the rig. – It’s one of those things that – if you haven’t actually gone through it yourself, you just really can’t understand it. – Others can empathize – but, no – it’s really NOT like being without power for a few days.

    Pay day is 6 days away and we are hurtin’ for certain – but it is soooo nice to have hot water and an oven again.

    Hang in there.
    Mia & Bill

    • I can feel your excitement!! Rightfully so!!
      We’re hanging tight. We know we are blessed with what we have. And I know that we will be beyond grateful for indoor plumbing when it comes our way again. Soon…someday soon.
      I’ll take tight and free any day over rich and miserable… You?

      • AMEN sister!! 🙂
        At least we don’t “owe our souls to the company store”!! It’s tight, but freedom is everything. If we don’t like it where we are, we can turn the key and move on down the road . . .

        And what a great group of people you can meet this way – especially / through the blogs! Here we find people who are real thinking individuals, who have a clear idea of what their priorities are, and who have solid core values, . . . ya’ know, the kind of people that have grit, who aren’t afraid to get out there and really experience life!
        Love your blog! Keep on talkin’!! sometimes it seems like you’re talking right to us!

        Mia & Bill

  3. You deserve a gold medal for hauling all that water! Wifey extraordinaire for sure!

    I like being a wifey extraordinaire, too…. but I’ll pass on “toting water!” 😀

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