Winner Winner – Chicken Dinner!!

The weather in Kansas is absolutely CRAZY!! I know it’s October and the season change is very apparent. Although the colors are not as vibrant as I remember in Illinois or Idaho… I can’t help but wonder if that has anything to do with the crazy range in temps here instead of the steady decrease we’re used to.

Yesterday we had a little “party” at the campground hosted by the new owner. There was quite the turnout despite the tropical winds. Oh yeah, did I forget to mention that the high yesterday was 88 degrees?? With a ‘breeze’ of about 24 miles per hour?? Last time I checked that was faster than you’re allowed to drive through a school zone!! There are so many of us Amazonians here now that I can’t begin to tell who’s who and what’s what. Chris missed the party as it started right as he was heading off to work, not that he really minded. After sending him off I scooted down to see what it was all about. Our neighbors, Bob & Jan, were there along with my new friend and fellow blogger Becky. She has a very interesting and informative blog on setting out to full-time. Her little trailer is so adorable too!! Check out her blog here!! The BBQ was outside picnic style which made it difficult in the high winds but everyone seemed to be having a great time. People wandered in and out depending on their shifts. I had a very nice time catching up with some of the first arrivals and people watching of course!! There was a raffle towards the end too. A bunch of prizes that were donated from the businesses in town. Some really good ones too… And I actually won!! I won a free haircut!! The best prize of them all…well according to me cuz it’s what I needed!! Perfect!! Thank you Universe!! After a couple home hair cuts it sure couldn’t hurt to get a professional to even things out this time around… 😉

And the crazy weather is scheduled to continue… After those ridiculous highs yesterday (we had the AC going nearly the whole day) today I wake up to find it still just as windy with rain/drizzle and a high outside of 52 degrees. Really?!?!? Can’t we agree on something more in the middle?? And to top things off we have Freeze warning for tonight and tomorrow. The Weather Channel is only predicting it’ll get down to 29 degrees or so… Brrrr!!! Time to get out the blankets and slippers again I guess… Oh Well. Whatcha gonna do? The winds are the main concern…heat, well, there are lots of ways to generate that…but these wind gusts are so extreme!! The rig rocks constantly…and no not in the fun way!! The neighbors actually had a gust hit them that knocked them off one of their leveling jacks… Scary!! On the bright side though, it’s nice to have the AC off…. We can actually hear the birdies outside. Silver lining folks!!

A new plan is underway… It involves a trailer and a truck… Then a new job… Something about gas lines… More to come as the new adventure develops.

With much Love

Mrs Madcap



6 thoughts on “Winner Winner – Chicken Dinner!!

    • Becky is a super sweet gal!! The very first blogger I’ve had the pleasure to meet in person too!! Thanks for directing me to her blog, she definitely has all her ducks in a row!! XOXO

  1. Thanks for the mention Kristy! It was nice talking to you on Wednesday. And cozy, we definitely have to meet up sometime. 🙂

    This weather has been crazy huh? I don’t have my leveling jacks down at all which I would think makes the gusts feel worse, but then I realize that my trailer is lower to the ground with less surface area too which probably helps compared to those with tall rigs. Either way as I was saying on my blog, I feel like I’m sailing the seas with all this rocking around, lol.

    I actually had my A/C on overnight, it was about 72 inside when I went to bed. Then I woke up to 52 inside the trailer today, and me with my summer nightie on, brr!

    Well I see the daytime Inbound shift is heading off to work now, guess that’s my cue to go to bed. 😉 I can’t wait to hear more about your new plans and I gotta admit I’m happy that you guys decided to stick with RVing, it’s something you both seem to enjoy so much. If you have any questions about the truck + trailer style of RVing let me know!

    • I’ve been trying to figure out how to link to your blog since we first met and it just finally clicked for me… Blonde moment… We’ll have to plan a play date for sure!! XOXO

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