Timing is Everything…

Yesterday was such a beautiful fall day!! Chilly temps only in the mid 50s but tons of sunshine and just the slightest of breezes. We opened up the door to the rig for awhile to let the fresh air and sunshine in. The kids had a blast!! They just love it when that door gets opened up and they get the close up view of those birdies!!

With the wind calming itself for the moment we headed out to check the status of Big Red. She looks so sad sitting there…so pretty on the outside and broken on the inside. After a dozen or so bolts and some shimmying we saw what we suspected…it’s the timing belt.

See the two-wheel lookin things in the pics? Well the belt over the teeth is supposed to go around both wheel things not be collapsed around each one like that like in the 2nd pic. That belt thingie my friends is the timing belt and ours it toast. To put it in perspective though it was time for her to be replaced. Usually a timing belt needs to be replaced every 60,000 miles. Our Red is at 168,000 miles and has never had a new one as far as we can tell from the records. How good of a girl is she!! She lasted nearly 3X as long as expected!! The order is being built in several carts from online suppliers that specialize in Miata parts. Some of the parts are more difficult to find because she’s an original automatic. So far we’ll be replacing the radiator, the water pump, the thermostat and of course the timing belt along with numerous hoses, seals, gaskets and other stuff that I have no idea what it is… Pretty much if we need to take it off to get to the timing belt than a new one is going on in its place. Like Chris always says, “Do it Right, Do it Once!”. Our total cart comes to $500 with shipping. Not bad at all!! Considering it would cost us a good $200 to get her towed and looked at in town then the $500 in parts (not including their part mark up!) plus a minimum of $700 in labor. I’ll take the $500 parts bill and a day of playing the greasy side kick vs the $1400 bill at the mechanics shop any day!! Thank God Chris is a Genius!!!

Last night we got a call from the ladies a few doors down to say they were in for the night and we could take their car for any errands we had to do. How fabulous is that?? If this was a good time for them we’d take it!! However we can do it to be the least intrusive on their plans the better!! So we headed to the Wally and decided to swing by Pizza Hut for take out dinner after. In about an hour and a half we got the groceries and dinner plus had it all unloaded and the keys back to them. They had a busy fun-filled day with the kids and grandkids at Neewalloh and we didn’t want them waiting up for us. We’re trying to think of something to do to Thank these nice ladies… I thought about cooking them dinner so they wouldn’t have to worry about it one night after they worked all day. Chris thought of getting them a coupon for a free car wash & wax if we can find a place like that in Coffeyville. We couldn’t fill up their gas tank cuz it was already full…. Any ideas??

Now we have a fully restocked fridge and freezer to last longer than a week if necessary. Everything else we need is here at the park so we’re good there too. It looks like Chris is going to have to walk to work tonight but he’ll arrange for a ride with our friends Lisa & Rick from the other park until the car is back in tip-top shape. I think we’re good to go!!

It’s sad to see our weekend come to an end… But this place is a disaster!! I have my work cut out for me tonight!!

Here’s Dickie Doo thoroughly enjoying the sunbeam from the front door. He’s just too cute sometimes…

With Much LOVE

Mrs Madcap



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