All Around Update

After numerous phone calls the parts for the Miata are purchased and should all be arriving by Friday. Chris’ estimate was right on the nose, a cool $500 later and we’re in business. The weather forecast is even cooperating!! We’re to expect a balmy 75 degrees with mild winds for Friday and Saturday with only a slight chance of showers late Saturday. Sounds like the perfect weekend to play cars!! Once Big Red is up and running again we’ll start phase 2 of my master plan!! {insert evil cackling here}

Chris has been literally walking his ass off at Amazon. That wasn’t part of the plan…I happen to like his ass the way it was!! Regardless, the little sneak has been very illusive when it comes to weighing in so I can’t give an update for the Biggest Loser though I’m sure it’s no shock to everyone that he is winning hands down. But his mileage as of last week is best so far…

Steps – 124,754

Miles – 54.35

This weeks numbers will be even higher due to him walking to work. Yesterday he clocked it at an additional half mile or 15 minutes of walking. My super star husband also had another letter to sign for his personal file last night. Yep!! Another award!! This one was for continued perfect quality on his picks. He also had a good mention for an error he found on the description of an item. Amazon sure is gonna be sorry to lose him!!

As for me… Well last night I got a good amount of cleaning done; dishes, bathroom, swept the kitchen floor and carpet (vacuum died). I also got a little reorganization done in the kitchen to make a little more room on the counter top. It was so nice to have room this morning to cook a full breakfast on the griddle and not have to balance plates on top of things. Clean up was a lot quicker and easier too!! Should have done that ages ago!! Tonight I got caught up on the laundry and filled all 6 of our water jugs and the huge spicket water jug.

Now that my chores are caught up I’ll be attempting to do some beading tomorrow night. My beautiful beads have been here all along but with space and time limitations I haven’t been able to dig into them. It might be interesting at first with the kids in such close proximity but we’ll figure it out. I’ve even got enough time to make some custom orders for Christmas and to sell some pieces online for the Holidays. I have so missed my beads!! Here’s some pieces I’ve made in the past.




























With much Love

Mrs Madcap


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