O Happy Day!!

Yesterday was a wonderful treat for both of us. Chris was ‘encouraged’ to take yesterday as VTO (Voluntary Time Off) from work. There’s been a lot of this going around, so much so that they’ve created a list of all the employees that prefer to be chosen for VTO on a regular basis. Chris didn’t sign up for the list… A lot of theories are going around as to why all this VTO is being requested but nothing concrete has been said. The workampers that have worked for Amazon before say this is highly unusual though. Anywho, they needed volunteers to take the whole day off and Chris jumped at it. He has recently gotten a couple blisters on his feet and yesterday was the perfect opportunity to let them heal up a bit. Only one more day till our weekend!!

So what’d we do with our day?? Well… Chris got to sleep in, play video games (right now he’s enjoying Batman Legos), we got caught up on our TV series for the week, I made us a crockpot full of Beef n Noodles, read my book, took a nap, we watched a movie and Christoph made an appearance to color my hairs (a darker blonde for fall). Nothing much but a bunch of relaxing and recouping. It was perfect!! A very lovely unexpected gift!!

Tonight I’ll get caught up on the chores; refill our water supply and get the dishes done. After that though I’m free to break out the jewels and get to playing for a change. I think I figured out what I’m going to do for our super sweet neighbors too. A nice, simple, small pair of handmade earrings. Just a little something from me to them to say Thank You for being so helpful and sweet to us.

All of us have been in love with these beautiful fall days. All that fresh air and the sunbeams from the open door makes for happy kitties!! The temps have been increasing steadily over the week and today we’re expecting a high of 68. I guess the tin roof is in our favor with the cooler temps, so long as the sun is out that is. The sun warms the tin roof and that warms it up inside for us. Yesterday it got up to 85 in the rig but it was nowhere near that warm outside. The warmer it gets inside the longer it takes to get cold once the sun goes down. We’ll take it!! It’s supposed to be absolutely gorgeous for our car days this weekend and any chance of rain has been removed from the forecast!! Even better!!

Can’t forget that today is our most favorite holiday EVER!! We love Halloween!! Over the years we’ve had some great fun dressing up, throwing parties and winning contests!! My good friend Elizabeth and I made quite the pair a couple of years ago as little old ladies. Then there was the year Chris made me a prison jumpsuit and I was Martha Stewart at camp cupcake. But the costume that has proven hard to beat is the year I went as Mimi from the Drew Carey Show. Tonight will be a quiet night compared to others in the past but that’s ok. I’ll be watching scary old movies while beading and be in the spirit nonetheless. Hope you all enjoy your Halloween fun whether you’re dressing up, dressing the kids up, enjoying the kids costumes that come trick or treating or hanging out at home with some scary movies and friends!!

With much Love

Mrs Madcap



3 thoughts on “O Happy Day!!

  1. I always enjoy reading your blog.

    Glad Chris had a day off.

    That’s a really nice gift to give the ladies who helped you out.

    In Fernley, NV at amazon.com last winter we were asked many times about taking VTO. I think it has a lot to do with when shipments arrive and also how many orders are coming in.

    Enjoy your weekend.


    • More VTO is on the horizon we hear. The reasoning being given is due to Sandy. Tomorrow Chris will get the official word if they are forcing his shift an additional day off this week.
      I’m so glad you’re enjoying!! Can’t wait to hear all about Portland and then Australia!!
      Much Love

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