Anything is Possible!!

The coolest rig EVER showed up yesterday afternoon to be our new neighbors across the way. They have 3 small kids and were busy carving pumpkins and trick or treating last night so I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting them yet. But I can’t wait!! The creativity and ingenuity to create their home is amazing and I can’t wait to find out all about it. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a tour…

Here she is –  The Magic School Bus!!

Isn’t she fabulous?? I’m so curious how he thought to put a pop-up on the roof like that…and how he got it up there…and how it stays… He also had the genius to attach a very cool charcoal grill to the grill of the bus. My pic doesn’t do her justice at all!! I’m not sure if they’re Amazonians but I hope so!! Anything is possible!! Anything!!

For the non-rv crowd that’s out there… There is a HUGE division of RVers that modify buses into custom works of art. Any kind of bus too from the short school buses to the huge greyhound travel buses. A lot of people are drawn to them because once you gut the bus of the seats it’s an empty lot to build whatever you can dream of. You get to choose the floor plan and layout that works best for your situation. Some choose to go very simple while others deck them out to the nines mirroring some of the million dollar RVs on the market. I have to admire the skill, creativity and hard work that goes into any conversion. Maybe someday we’ll have a bus of our own!! If you’re interested in seeing some pics or learning more you can Google Bus  Conversions and be flooded with websites and magazines dedicated to the art. Very very cool stuff!!

Last night I made the earrings for the lovely ladies a couple of doors down that helped us. I made two different sets of cross earrings. They were very similar but just a smidge different. I meant to take pics but totally forgot in my excitement to bring them over to them. They loved ’em!! We had a nice chat and I got to see pics of all their grandkids dressed up for Halloween. They offered me the car again last night but we’re good, no need as of now. I told them we’ll be test driving our efforts this weekend and I’ll probably make sure they’re at home before we take off. They offered their car so I could follow Chris on the test drive… The generosity and thoughtfulness of these ladies is limitless. I thank God for them!!

Later I had to go out and try to get some pics of the incredible sunset we had. I ran into the owner of the park in his Halloween best. Too funny!! I got both my pics in one!! This just so happens to be Chris’ favorite costume. I think we still have it in storage somewhere. He wore it to the Halloween Party we threw probably 5 years ago but the costume has been out every year since then. He always teases me that he’s still in style… Anywho, Erick was a hoot riding around on his golf cart in his costume. After I took his picture we chatted for a bit and I asked if any boxes had come for us. He said a really big one… Rut Roo. Technically we aren’t supposed to play cars at the campground… We were opting to ask for forgiveness over asking permission on this one… But we were totally busted by the huge box that came with RADIATOR labeled all over it. So I batted my eyelashes and asked ever so sweetly if it would be a problem if we fixed up Red in the driveway. He was so coy and said he didn’t know what I was talking about and looked the other way. Then he offered to drive me home with my radiator and even helped me get it in the rig. It’s hard to believe this huge box is going into our little Miata!! Erick is a nice guy but he won some major brownie points tonight!! The rest of the car parts should be in today so tear down will begin early tomorrow morning!!

After all my excitement I stayed in for the rest of the night. I broke out the beads and made a 3 strand necklace while watching scary movies. The big kids couldn’t have cared less but Pinks and me had a few words on and off. It’s so hard to stay mad at that little puffball. She is so stinkin cute. She fell asleep countless times while watching me intently to see if I was going to drop something or miraculously hand over the string. Adorable!!

Chris came home exhausted. He was stuck on the concrete walking in circles all night. But he did have one of his utterly hilarious yet evil moments that he does so well. He’s filling tote after tote, up and down the isles. It can get very monotonous… Then he has a multiple pick for 5 singing Barney Books. Seeing as Chris is always thinking and usually when he has that much time to think he’s going to be up to no good… The Barney Books were just too good to pass up… And it just so happens the area he was in has the very beginning of the massive 26 miles of conveyor belts. He couldn’t stop himself and well…why not… He set each one of those blasted books to play the dreaded Barney song, each on a few second delay from the next so the “I Love You” song echoed down the conveyor line. And we all know, once those start there is no way of stopping it. You either suffer through or sing along!! As he’s cackling madly and running away he can hear the singing going on down the line… We both laughed until we cried, clutching our splitting sides, when he told me about it last night. Leave it to my Mr!!

Today is Chris’ recoup day. Nothing big planned except maybe a trip to town after all the car parts are in and accounted for. I’m sure there will be video games and possibly beading… I think I’m gonna throw together a pot of homemade spaghetti sauce in the crockpot. And with any luck we’ll get to chat with our new neighbors!!

With much Love

Mrs Madcap



10 thoughts on “Anything is Possible!!

  1. That bus is really cool.
    With the Amazon gig keeping me sore and tired, I have not been able to keep up like the old days. Hope things go well with Red, sounds likeyou guys are ‘on it’.

    Have fun.


  2. A little birdie told me that someone was talking about us, and Poof… Here we are on someone else’s blog… Yup, we are working for Amazon, our first day is Wednesday. You guys are invited to come over and check out the grill on our grill tomorrow afternoon… Bratwurst for everyone 🙂

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