Won’t You Be My Neighbor??

We had such a wonderful day!! With it being daylight savings and all we got to sleep in but still have the majority of our day to play…I mean work… ๐Ÿ˜‰ย  Ain’t it fabulous when work feels like play??


Chris did some tuning to the timing belt and she sounds great. We’ll be heading on our maiden voyage tomorrow to the Auto Zone to get some more transmission fluid and then a quick stop at the Wally for the usual supplies. There’s a few more little projects to do on Big Red but the major surgery is done and a major success!!

Next I thought I’d tackle two birds with one stone… We were heading over to meet our cool new neighbors with the Magic School Bus this afternoon so I figured I’d put a little paint on and do something with my hairs. Might as well take the much requested new pic of my latest hair color… Doesn’t Christoph do great work??

So we had the most wonderful evening with the Scholl Family across the way. You have got to check out their very cool blog here. They have a ton of pics of the bus and how they got the pop-up on top plus all the wiring and plumbing to make it all come together in a wonderful package they call home. It’s nice to hang out with a couple our age that’s enjoying this lifestyle and their 3 little girls were simply adorable and quite possibly may be the best behaved and politest little people we’ve met in a long long time. We spent several hours chatting and getting to know each other and even had some fun playing frisbee (Chris) and making teeth and ice cream out of play dough (me). We plan on getting together again soon…maybe grilling some steaks on their very cool grill for my Birthday…we’ll see.

I finally finished my book, Red Mist by Patricia Cornwell. Haven’t decided what to dive into next… I have the latest Patricia Cornwell, Bag Bones, or I could finally get to The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Chris would be happy with that choice so we can finally watch the movie… We shall see…

With much Love

Mrs Madcap



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