Sauce and Cake!!

We finally had the much-anticipated and talked about homemade spaghetti sauce last night. Some things are even better after thinking about it for a week or more… TeeHee. It’s tough to get the rig to smell like a taste of Italy instead of a garlic sweat shop!! I toned the garlic content way down (Boo) to avoid everything we own stinkin to the high heavens and us reeking of garlic from every pore. See…there are a few drawbacks to this life…a few… I sautéed up the onions, mushrooms, green peppers and garlic cloves with the lean hamburger and mild italian sausage and seasoned well before added it all to the tomato sauce and crushed tomatoes already simmering in the crock pot. Once combined I brought it to a boil (why is it easier to get stuff to boil in the crockpot than the pot on the burner??) in the crockpot before lowering the temp to simmer for a good 6-7 hours. I must admit I missed the infusion of garlic but it turned out pretty good nonetheless. And I made enough to feed an army!! The crocker was full to the brim…I even thought it might boil over at one point. Now once I get the ice thawed out of the freezer we’ll have some good home cookin to pull from in the freezer!!

On tonight’s agenda is my first attempt at mass production of 3-2-1 cakes for the owner and manager of the park. They were super sweet to let us work on the car here…they didn’t have to do that!! Some mini cakes is the least I can do!! Fresh little cakes go a long way to say Thank You!! I was planning on doing this even before we discovered (last night) that Big Red is going to need some more attention this weekend… Chris doesn’t like that way she’s sounding. I don’t fully understand but I haven’t rode in her since her surgery either. Something may be rubbing wrong or misfiring. Neither option sounds good to me, Chris doesn’t like it at all so he’s grounded her again until he can investigate. He may need to use his phone a friend option again when he’s working on her Thursday but that might prove difficult – trouble shooting over the phone isn’t optimal. Maybe there’s a mechanic in the park that can take a look with him. Another set of eyes never hurt nothin!! If Red can’t be fixed up on Thursday I’m going to have to find a ride to the Wally again. The last thing we wanna do is be a pest…but being out of coffee isn’t an option in our house.

Off to get going on my housewifely duties of the day… I love the simple life!!

With Much Love

Mrs Madcap



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