Wind Wind – Go AWAY!!

The last two days have blown by – literally. The wind here in Kansas is beyond crazy!! I must admit…we strongly dislike it here in Kansas and the wind plays a huge part in that. If Amazon ever calls our names again it won’t be beckoning us to Coffeyville. We’ve been swaying with the rig in 20-25 mph winds and the gusts today got up to 32 mph. That would rattle any house. Now imagine it in our little home on wheels!!! All of this wind has been ramping up for a doozy of a storm on Sunday. With Sunday being Chris’ Monday I’ve been afraid that it’d hit while he was gone. Since that glass shattering storm a couple of months ago I’m not at all inclined to be in any kind of storm by myself, thank you very much!! We’ve been keeping a close eye on the winds and the upcoming storm and thankfully it’s supposed to hit in the morning when Chris is still home. At the moment we’re focusing solely on tomorrow and the Wind Advisory. Yeah, apparently the winds we’ve been experiencing aren’t enough to warrant a Wind Advisory. I’m not sure how we’re supposed to brace for sustained 30 mph winds with gusts up to 45 mph except to pray.

In spite of the wind situation we’ve had a lovely couple of days with our new friends. They’re gonna get sick of us, guess we better hang back at home a couple of days… 😦  Thursday we celebrated Lydia’s 9th birthday with pork chops and french vanilla 3-2-1 cakes with sprinkles and hidden choco chips inside!! Who knew 3-2-1 cakes could be that much FUN!! Today she showed me her cool new Beta fish she got for her birthday, his name is Nueve, which is the Spanish word for the number 9. Very fitting!! I also got a thorough lesson in the care and feeding of a Beta. Miss Lydia sure did her homework and now is an expert Beta Mommy. Such a smart little girl. Today’s menu was on us, only fitting since they’ve fed us twice now. We knew we wanted marinated steaks but what else?? I usually don’t stock our pantry for anything that can feed 7 so some improvising was necessary. I went to for some ideas and came out with a recipe I could modify with the supplies on hand for Scalloped Potatoes in the crockpot. All morning I fretted over how they’d turn out and whether they’d be done in time. We made the time deadline just fine and they turned out OK. Everyone said they were good but I think they coulda been a lot better. That just means another pot of potatoes in our near future, not a terrible thing!! Today was full of fun with school work (I got to play the teacher), bike riding, and coloring and then the day got even better with the coveted bus tour!! Yippee!! I must confess I took a sneak peek at the bus from their facebook page but it so didn’t do it justice. You really should check out the video on utube here. To have the ability to customize your space to fit your specific needs is in one word – Awesome!! We knew their bus was bigger than our little RV but we never could have guessed how much bigger. Their huge bedroom is bonus space, oh yeah and all of that room in the pop-up too, beyond what we call home. We got lots of good ideas for space-saving and kitchen gadgets while we toured too. Always something to learn around here, if you’re open to it…

Well, we’re off to bed to try to get some sleep before the wind really gets bad. Just a reminder that the wind tends to knock out the internet at the campground so if you don’t hear from us for a couple of days it doesn’t mean doom and gloom. We’ll check in as often as we can through the next couple of days until the storm passes.

With Much Love

Mrs Madcap


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