My Very Own Personal Holiday

I’ve always been lucky with today of all days being my very own Birthday, or personal holiday as I like to say. I get to share my day with all the great Veterans of yesterday and today. When I was younger that just meant I never had to go to school on my Birthday. Today it means a lot more. Being a military wife, Veterans Day now has a personal meaning for me. After sending Chris off to work in that uniform day in and day out, living in the Air Force community with all the other military families, watching the Moms and sometimes Dads being both parents while the spouse was on the other side of the world protecting everything we hold near and dear – it’s an honor to share my little birthday with the greats that are honored today. Thank YOU!! Thank you for protecting us and our way of life!! Thank you for being the guardian of our freedom no matter the personal costs. Thank YOU!!

So what did I do with my personal holiday this year?? Well, this year is a little different as it’s the very 1st Birthday to be celebrated on the road. But that really doesn’t change it for me. You see, the whole point is that it’s MY OWN PERSONAL HOLIDAY, meaning I can do whatever I damn well please!! That is the beauty of it all. This year I didn’t get out of my PJ’s, I shopped on-line, I spent hours on Pinterest looking for fun and RV friendly crafts, I made one of my favorite crockpot dinners of Pork Chops and Potatoes smothered in cream of mushroom soup, I yacked on the phone for hours with my Mom and Miss Yolanda and I still have a couple new chick flicks to watch and jewels to play with before Mr gets home from work. It has been absolutely FABULOUS!! I spent it exactly how I wanted to and that’s the whole point, right?? So…


To update everyone on the storm… It turned out to be a whole lot of ugly wind and then some heavy rain – The End. Thank Heavens!! Once the rain finally started it was like God himself flipped the switch and the wind stopped instantly. It finally started to clear up about noon and the sun was trying to peek out through the dark clouds just in time for sunset. Snowball stood strong and thankfully there’s no issues or damage to report. After the rain subsided we ventured out for a couple much needed warm showers to find that the temp had dropped a good 30 degrees since our outing yesterday. I guess those cold Northern winds from Brutus have made their way down to our neck of the woods. After a little internet research I have found our low tonight is supposed to a brisk 28 degrees. A bit nippley don’t ya think?!?! We’ll see how the little electric heater fares with those kind of lows.

Once the ground soaked up some of all that rain Chris was finally able to go out and actually open the hood to Big Red without fear of it being ripped off at the hinges due to gust of Kansas wind. He tinkered a little with some adjustments to the timing and reset the internal computer. She sounded good to me and she must have done well in Chris’ eyes too cuz he drove her to work tonight for another test run. With any luck she’ll pass his tests tonight and we’ll get to go to the Wally on our own tomorrow to fill our bare cubbards. It’s slim pickins around here folks but at least we have pickles!!

Well, I’ve got a chick flick calling my name and some Birthday 3-2-1 Cake to make. Thanks for sharing my 33rd Birthday with me!! Just like good wine – I’m only getting better with age!! 😉

With Much Love

Mrs Madcap


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