Rockin to the Rhythm of the Rain

We didn’t get blown away yesterday…still in the very fitting Land of Oz. Nothing can really prepare you for 45 mph gusts… It is so loud. The wind whistles through every seem, vent cover, the door frame and windows. Chris compared it to being in the last car of a long train. We feel every bump and brush, our ‘ride’ as of late has been full of turbulence, pot holes, speed bumps and I think we may have hit a brick wall or two. But Snowball is holding her own, even her ‘upgraded’ window is holding steady and amazingly probably the most wind resistant of them all.

The mighty winds have finally blown in the rain. So now we are officially ‘Rockin to the Rhythm of the Rain’.

The internet has been holding up pretty good so we’re able to keep an eye on the storm…so far.

I’ll keep y’all posted.

With much Love

Mrs Madcap


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