Crazy Kids

My kids are such a great source of entertainment. They always have been but I think we get to experience them so much more in the tiny space of the rig. Nothing they do, right or wrong, goes unnoticed…not for very long at least. It’s been awhile since I shared a good cat story or two so here goes…

We had an adorably funny Pinky moment the other night… I have to start at the beginning though so bear with me. Dickie has slept on my pillow/head for as long as I can remember. With our bed in a closet ‘bedroom’ of sorts and only being a full size bed to begin with its more than cozy for just Chris and I let alone adding Dickie to the mix. After a couple rough nights sleep due to Dickie taking over the pillow which then resulted in me sleeping on the couch the majority of the night we came up with a plan. Since the bedroom ‘closet’ doesn’t have a door to keep the kids out we figured we’d leave the bathroom door open thus giving the kids somewhere to explore and keep us closed in the bedroom too. It worked for nearly the whole night too…until one of the little smarty pants figured out that the door wasn’t actually latched and was easy to pull open. Dang!! We tried this tactic a couple more times but with obstacles in front of the door but the kids knew it wasn’t real and just opened the door whenever they wanted in. Double Drat!! So a couple of nights ago I wasn’t feeling good at all and Chris was determined to figure out the door thing so I could get some good sleep. His solution was to bungee cord the door in place but so he could get in and I could get out but the kids couldn’t pull it open. Brilliant!! I slept fabulously (mostly) but he had to deal with the wrath of the kids. Not just Dickie either, all three adorable babies ganged up on him protesting their lack of access to their Mommy. I always said it wasn’t fair to the girls that lay nicely in the window or at the foot of the bed…and boy or boy did they let him have it!! And once all efforts on Chris were exhausted they began the banging or scratching at the door. *End of good sleep* So our attempts to lock out the boy were in vain. What we didn’t realize, getting back to Pinkerton, is that she really liked that bathroom door open. She has been an absolute pest whenever the bathroom door is opened since. It wakes her from any napping spot she may have to make a mad dash in hopes that she’ll get in without either of us noticing. The thing is she doesn’t care about being locked in…the big ole weirdo likes it. So tonight she was doing her ‘I’m so cute’ dance in the bathroom so I left her in there with the door cracked, just to see what she wanted to do in there so badly. Wait for it… Wait… Yep, she wanted to curl up in the smallest little ball her body could muster to sleep in the sink of all places. Only our Pinks!! Gotta love ’em!!

On a side note…

There has been a very cool thing happening on my Facebook page recently that is so awesome I hope everyone is getting to experience it too. Several of my friends have started writing something they are grateful for everyday. Well, you know me, I’m all about being grateful for the many many blessings I have, especially those that I admittedly have taken for granted over and over again. So naturally I had to steal the fabulous idea and started my daily gratitude status on my Facebook. I like it so much I’m adding it to the blog too. You never can have too many ‘Thank Yous’ floating around in the Universe!! So I’ll be adding my thanks at the end of each blog from now on. I’m going to see if I can come up with something different everyday from now until my next Birthday – one whole years worth – starting today.

Today I’m grateful for the heels in a loaf of bread. Sounds silly I know. Allow me to explain – Our first meal of the day, not sure you can technically call it breakfast at 2:30 pm, was a sandwich and mac n cheese. I always make Chris something real before he goes to work. With all those miles he’s walking he needs something that will stick to his ribs. I know I mentioned that our pantry is on empty but when I say empty I mean EMPTY!! I wouldn’t normally make this ‘dish’ for breakfast otherwise. So I make his sandwiches (breakfast & lunch) while the water is boiling for the noodles only to discover that’s the end of the bread. Except for the heels. I must confess I usually throw them out but today I was so grateful for the heels because that meant I could have a peanut butter sandwich with my mac n cheese!!! Waste not want not!!

With Much Love

Mrs Madcap


4 thoughts on “Crazy Kids

  1. Loved the kitty tales. That picture of Pinky in the sink is priceless! 🙂

    And just so you know, I REALLY love the heels. They are my favorite part of the loaf. Glad you appreciated/enjoyed yours today! 🙂

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