Raven Days Festivities

Last night I went with the girls a couple of doors down to the Raven Days activities in town. The Raven is the mascot of the local community college and they throw this free event as a kick off to Christmas every year. It’s a very kid orientated event but the college choir was performing at the end of the festivities and that sold me. I haven’t seen a choir perform in probably 10 years or better. But before the holiday singing could begin we toured the event and for kids (I hope the Scholl’s knew about it…) and there was cookie decorating, face painting, s’mores, cupcakes, a live nativity with goats, cows and even a donkey, a reindeer and his sleigh and where there’s reindeer you know who can’t be far behind…yep, Santa was there for his first appearance of the season. Did I mention the whole party was free?? Now that’s my kind of party!! With no real food in site but enough sugar to choke the goat we headed across the street to a little BBQ place that none of us had tried before. It was good food but the joint was packed!! Back to the concert we go… It was a very different kind of concert, not all in a good or bad way…just different. The first act up was of traditional African Drums with some singing and a lot of dancing. A very fun, and educational view of another culture. I did enjoy how casual the event was. I remember getting ready for who knows how many concerts between singing in the school and church choirs and formal was always the name of the game. Next up was the boys choir singing funny versions of traditional songs and then who could go without the girls choir in their oh so unflattering performance dresses doing a dance and song combo of ‘Santa Baby’? That part I’m glad I got to skip in my performing days… Add in a few piano solos and then a couple of songs from the Concert Choir before the big finale of everyone, including the African drums, with a couple of songs and then us all singing ‘We Wish You a Merry Christmas’ as elves handed out stuffed animals to the kids in the crowd. I had a lot of fun. It was nice to get out of the RV and do something totally different for a change. And where was Mr for all the fun you may ask?? At home with the kids enjoying some much coveted alone time for a change.

The icing on the cake for this fabulous day was the arrival of my Birthday box from my Mom & Daddy. Everyone is having such a hard time finding things to get us now that we’re in the RV due to the space confinements. Christmas ideas are in short supply this year… But leave it to my Mom & Dad to find the absolute perfect gift!! Chris hung it up in the front of the rig so we can see it all the time. Thanks Mom & Daddy – I love ya tons!!

We’ll just have to wait and see what adventure and surprises today has in store for us!! Can’t wait!!

**Today I’m grateful for our 3-day weekends together. Today is our Sunday so it’s almost over but without a 3-day weekend it’d already would be over!!

With Much Love

Mrs Madcap





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