5 Weeks and Counting…

Today was our Monday…back to work Chris goes and off on a dozen or more trips for water, garbage and laundry I go. Thank heavens and Chris I have the latest season of Drop Dead Diva to keep me company as I wash every dish we own, or so it seems, fold laundry etc. Tonight I actually got to vacuum our carpet for the first time in probably 5 months. We thought we were oh so smart opting for the battery charging vacuum when we set sail. Seriously, how much vacuum did we really need when our total carpet area is less than that of the standard area rug in a living room?? Apparently way more than what we got!! It pooped out on us about month in and I’ve been sweeping our carpet ever since. Yep, sweeping ’em with a standard kitchen broom. Not real effective on Texas dirt or three cats worth of cat hair. I have a feeling it’ll take me all week to vacuum up everything this rug has been holding on to!! That’s ok though, it’s worth having clean carpets for a change. Looks like I’ll be spending another night making umpteen trips to the laundry this week too. With 2 of the 4 washers ‘Out of Service’ I really don’t see a choice… Only one more trip, to pick up the laundry, for the night and then I can relax a little and curl up with my latest book. I’m finally getting to try out Nora Roberts, I know…where have I been, with her Irish Born trilogy. It’s been very successful at sucking me in thus far.

We finally broke down and bought a bathroom scale on our recent trip to the Wally. We’ve been weighing ourselves in the store all these weeks…silly I know, but until I knew we had a space to store one it seemed even sillier to buy one. Anywho, Chris has officially lost 17 pounds and most of his britches are falling off his cute little behind. Now we’re on the hunt to find some lightweight cargo pants that will be comfortable for work and will properly fit him. He’s still hell-bent to hit the 20 pound mark and I’m sure he will it’s just keeping him from going any further that might be the problem. He’s consistently walking 35-40 miles a week even with all the Voluntary and Mandatory Time Off he’s been having over the last month. I’m happy to report that I have held my ground since leaving Amazon and the pounds are starting to come off again. I finally broke down and bought some new pants that actually fit instead of continuously hiking up the jeans that were a size too big.

Unfortunately the sleeping arrangement is not going so well. We have tried repeatedly to figure out how to sleep in our itsy bitsy bed together but when you start adding 3 cold kitties to the mix the situation turns from bad to ugly fast. I can’t blame the babies for being cold and seeing as we have the super snuggly electric blanket it just makes sense to all pile in. But the end result is always the same…I get pushed out of the bed. I’ve been sneaking naps here and there more than sleeping. It’s catching up to me in a big way now. So tonight I’ll be pulling out the couch/bed and we’ll be sleeping separately. Not ideal by anyone’s standards but I’m to the point I’ll try anything to get some real sleep. I’m so stinkin tired and we’re out of ideas. Even if we could figure out a magical way to fix the water there simply is no fix for the bed being in a closet. I’m afraid if we don’t find a new rig the first leg of our adventure may be coming to an end real soon.

Well, it’s time to fetch the laundry and oh joy, it’s started to rain….

With Much Love

Mrs Madcap


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