Happy Thanksgiving My Friends!!

I try to always give Thanks for our countless blessings. Sometimes I must admit it’s harder than others. I was having difficulties getting in the spirit this year. We don’t have a big event to attend, no special dish to prepare, no cute outfit to wear and most importantly we won’t be with either of our families. The original plan was to ignore it, treat it as any other day and move on. But we have so much to celebrate!! So many gifts to give thanks for!! So our little family will be celebrating Thanksgiving – nontraditionally – but we’ll be celebrating nonetheless. I think some big thick steaks, gooey cheesy potatoes, green beans & bacon with thick Hawaiian Rolls will be our menu with a nice chilled bottle of wine and a sinful pie of some sort is definitely in order!! We’ll spend today together, counting our blessings, loving life and dirtying every cooking utensil we own in the process.

I could write pages and pages of what I’m grateful for this Thanksgiving but I’ll spare you those. But I can’t properly celebrate today without giving thanks for my greatest blessing in this world – that of course is my Mr and our little family. That man and these kids bring me joy every single day. I thank God we found each other. He is the greatest gift that’s ever been given to me and I cherish him dearly.

Our hope is that where ever you are, whomever you’re with, whatever you’re doing that you’re happy and healthy with a warm glow of gratitude.

With Much LOVE!!

Chris & Kristy


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