Simplifying Further

We have simplified so many aspects of our life already but I think it’s time to take it a step further. I can’t believe I haven’t thought of this yet. It seems so obvious now…

I finally decided to jump back on the ‘healthy eating’ wagon a couple of weeks ago. When it’s time, it’s time, and you just know it. So the massive research hunt began for the ever elusive definition of healthy eating, I knew I didn’t want a diet plan. Been there done that. But when you look up healthy eating everything is so contradictory; eggs are good then eggs are bad, carbs are good, carbs are bad, carbs are good only in moderation, fruit is good for you but how much is too much?? The list can go on and on. But between my previous dieting and untold number of hours researching a common theme emerged.

Keep it SIMPLE!!

I love to cook, mix things up and try new flavor combinations. What if I still did that but only with real food? Real meats, real cheeses, real  fruits & veggies. It’s simple, eat only real or as close to unprocessed as humanly possible. I know too much starch is bad for me. Maybe not for you but for me it’s triple bad. I’ve been testing the waters of my “Simple Plan” for the last week or so and I think I just may be onto something here. It’s definitely going to take some trial and error to figure out how to do away with the majority of the starches but I think I’m heading in the right direction. It’s easy to roll up my deli meat with the real cheese and dip them into some hot mustard with my tomatoes and avocado on the side to mix it up a bit. Basically everything I would have put on my sandwich to begin with just separate now. Next I tried the salad route. I made a batch of egg salad but instead of making a sandwich out of it I turned it into an egg salad Salad with some cherry tomatoes, diced avocado and chopped mushrooms on a bed of spinach. Fabulous!! I also made a pot of chili in the crockpot with real meat, veggies, beans and off course a bunch of spices. So many possibilities!! How exciting!!

The only downside I’m finding is that I’m hungry a lot more often and it comes on really quickly. I’m fine one minute and then next its like my stomach is just a huge empty pit. So I’m taking my sister’s advice and starting to eat 5-7 smaller meals instead to stave off the cranky hungry monster. I’m remembering why we turned to a lot of convenience foods when we got here though. It’s hard to get all that cooking in to feed us homemade everything, especially on Chris’ work days. I don’t like to send him off for a 15 mile walk without something hot and filling in his belly… Something to work on I suppose. But overall the “Simple Plan” is working and it’s not such a radical change so I think it’ll be easy to keep up with. That’s the important part!! Not sure how fast the weight will come off cuz I’m not counting calories or on an extreme exercise routine. I can only ‘assume’ that eating real food that my body recognizes is a good thing and the weight will come off accordingly.

As always I’m open to suggestions and of course recipes!! God knows how I love a new recipe… This week I’m making some homemade hummus which will be my first attempt in the RV and possibly some chicken salad for salads. I’ve come up with a couple of ‘snack’ type things that I can add to stretch my 5-7 meals like greek yogurt, celery and peanut butter, cheese sticks and some fruit. Other ideas??

I couldn’t sign off today without wishing my Father-in-Law, Wes, a Happy Birthday!!! So many years we’ve had the pleasure to be with you to celebrate and we’re really missing you today!! Enjoy your personal holiday, we hope it’s super FABULOUS in every way!! Lots of Love and Big Hugs!!

**Today I’m grateful for the online Black Friday sales. Might seem silly but with NO store options close to us this is the first year we have no choice but shop online exclusively. I was surprised at how comparable the sales were with some even offering free shipping. We were able to get a big chunk of our shopping done and a few great bargains too. Oh how I love a good bargain!!

With Much Love

Mrs Madcap


4 thoughts on “Simplifying Further

  1. First off, a good go to, low fat and good for you food…cottage cheese! I am going to email you some other recipes from a girlfriend of mine, they are BOMB!!! If I would have never tried them I would have probably turned my nose up at ’em I’m a picky eater but I found myself stalking her for her recipe after tasting them! haha I’m so happy for you that you are finding something that works for YOU! Everything works different for everyone but I do have to agree on the more smaller meals a day, it gets that metabolism moving and that’s a GREAT thing! I love you look for my email(s)

    • I got the emails and you’re right!! If they hadn’t come from a trusted source I would have turned my nose up and kept hunting… Have to get some of the ‘different’ ingredients on the next grocery run and see how they go. Thank You Doll!! Cottage Cheese is now on the list for next week too… You’re the bestest!! Love ya Gorgeous!!

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