4 Weeks/300 Miles

Yes, the countdown is on in full force here. It’s been a long 11 weeks of Chris working at Amazon and he’s feeling the effects but he’s got a great attitude to finish out strong. He counts down the number of miles yet to walk. We figure he’s got about 300 miles to go until he’s at the finish line. I’m not sure I’d be counting down that way, 300 miles seems like forever to me, but if it works for him we’ll go with it. I’m more inclined to count the weeks so we’ll compromise and do both!!

Last week Chris was able to get all his hours in due to no voluntary or mandatory time off. Yippee!! It’s been a month since that’s happened… And now the overtime is here. It seems like it’ll be a fly by the seat of your pants kinda thing, some extended shifts and then some mandatory overtime days mixed with some voluntary overtime days. For the next 4 weeks the only day we can count on him being off is Saturdays, everything else is just one day and one mile at a time.

With another week under our belts, and a full 40 hour week at that, here’s Chris’ mileage report. As usual it’s very impressive and shows where he’s getting his 300 mile estimate from. With his 10 hour nights averaging nearly 13 miles it’s easy to see with extended shifts and OT shifts how he’d get to 300 miles quite easily.

Miles walked – 51.42

Steps taken – 117,688

It’s also easy to see where the latest 2 pound loss came from… Yep, 11 weeks equals 19 pounds lost and one solid pant size. It’s a good thing this gig isn’t permanent or he might disappear all together!!

I have to brag on Chris just a little bit more… He received yet another certificate for a perfect picking week. Over 5000 items picked without a single error while keeping his daily percentage above 100% of quota. I have no idea how he does it week after week, Lord knows I couldn’t!! Keeping his percentages that high while picking that many items and walking all those miles – well, it’s something that should be recognized!! Amazon has high standards and anyone that can keep their head above water deserves to be applauded for it.

**Today I’m grateful for baking soda… So simple yet so versatile and a lifesaver tonight after a small grease spill on the carpet.

With Much Love

Mrs Madcap


2 thoughts on “4 Weeks/300 Miles

  1. Wow, those numbers and stats are very impressive.
    i started off with some “good shoes” recomended by TWO STORES neither had my size in the New Balance you suggested. That was in September, I was not sure if I was going to be able to stick with it and thought the concrete and ammount of walking was getting the better of me. Nope, I should have stayed with what youo said on the NB. 4 days in ’em and Dr. Scholls insoles, and all the KILLER PAIN is GONE!!!! The feet still hurt but no more KILLER PAIN and limping. I am in for the long haul, wish I could claim Chris’s successes but at this point, I am just glad to still be able to look forward to finishing the commitment.

    Go Chris…..

    • To even try this gig is a win in my book, to finish is absolutely amazing! I think Chris is from another planet… 🙂
      I’m so glad you’re feeling better!!
      Let the craziness begin…
      Big Hugs my Friend!!

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