I’ve been getting a lot of inquires as to what I’ve been doing with all my time especially while Chris is at work. So, here ya go…

I admit it took a little bit for me to get my bearings and figure out what to do with myself. Since Chris takes the car to work most of my time is spent in the rig or on trips back and forth to the laundry room. Not like there is anything to really see or do in Coffeyville anywho, especially in the middle of the night… At first I cleaned and then I cleaned and I ended up cleaning some more. Not a lot of fun but when it’s dirty – it’s dirty. Once the deep cleaning was done I was only left with the maintenance of things and in a rig this size that doesn’t take a lot of time at all!! I do a little each night now to keep things spic and span with a weekly laundry day. It’s working out great but it left me with a lot of time on my hands. And with it getting dark and sometimes down right cold almost immediately after Chris leaves for work outside activities aren’t really an option.

Now what??

Well, my laptop and I became the bestest of friends…not like it wasn’t before but our bond is so much stronger now. Well, I at least depend on it A LOT more now. Don’t get me wrong I watch a lot of movies and TV series but usually only when I’m doing something else to keep me occupied. I’ve also been reading more than I have in years. But the laptop was my immediate ‘go to’ for something to do. First of all I can have the social interaction on Facebook that I so desperately need to keep me sane. I’ve been able to keep in touch with friends from long ago (especially those insomniacs out there) and chat it up with new friends out on the road. But the internet is such a wonderful tool…you can research anything that interests you and then get out there and DO IT!! I love research…there’s just something about it that is such a draw for me. So, let the research begin!! I’ve been all over the net looking up recipes, healthy eating tips, workamping jobs, new rigs, organization tips, home remedies, jewelry making, healing stones, solar panels etc.

Right now, the research that’s holding my attention is upcycling, especially upcycling crafts. Upcycling is a new term to me so let me explain as best I can. Upcycling is where you take recycle material and turn it into something new. For example, taking pallets that everyone just throws away to make custom pieces of furniture from shelves to coffee tables. Or something as simple as washing out 2 Liter bottles to reuse as pantry storage for rice, beans or pasta. Or making something totally new and groovy out of old magazines, used light bulbs, canned goods cans, wine bottles, pillow cases/curtains/t-shirts/table clothes/throw blankets, paper towel tubes, soda cans…the list really goes on and on. The creative ideas and possibilities are limitless. I must confess that I have spent countless hours on Pinterest stalking other creative people and preparing to steal some of their awesome ideas. One of the aspects that’s really holding my attention is all the fabulous organizing ideas out there for upcycling. When you’re in a space this size any additional measures you can take to get more organized is a huge bonus!! The cheap factor doesn’t hurt either!!

So, I’ve done my initial research although it’s always ongoing I’m ready to take the plunge and get crafting!! I’ve ordered some supplies online seeing as there isn’t a Home Depot or Hobby Lobby within an hour of here but the most important ingredients are already here, saved from being pitched in the garbage can. I’ve got several ideas for the left over glassware, cans from the pantry, 2 Liter bottles and old magazines. Starting off small and working my way up… I’ll post pics of the finished goods, if they turn out that is…  Who knows, they might turn into some very unique Christmas presents… 🙂 My mind is already racing for new organization in the new rig I see on our horizon. But first things first, time to start experimenting with what I have and expanding as I go.

**Today I’m grateful for the time to have fun with these crafts. Sometimes it’s just about fun!!

With Much Love

Mrs Madcap


6 thoughts on “Upcycling??

  1. Upcycling is fun! I’ve been doing it for years — just didn’t know its name!

    I used to like to go to flea markets and buy old jewelry cheap, bring it home and take it apart, clean the parts up, then use the parts in my own creations. I also would buy small baskets and spray them silver or gold and add ribbons and bows to use to hold little homemade gifts for Christmas. I also use reclaimed hardware, screws and wood in my building and remodeling projects. It seems that no matter what project I want to do, I can find things I already own to use for most of the material.

    Can’t wait to see photos of some of your projects!

    • I’ve been doing it too…just in a way limited fashion. Time to toss aside the limits!! This is going to be fun!! Started on a magazine bowl tonight and wrapped some glass the last couple of nights.
      Pics to come…promise!!

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