Peak = Craziness

Welcome to the first week of what Amazonians refer to as ‘Peak’.

Peak is fondly referred to as the span of time between Thanksgiving and Christmas. It’s the 4 weeks of tons of overtime and swarms of people running around like chickens. With numbers reaching 20,000 orders a minute on Black Friday you can see why such craziness exists.

So, how was Chris’ first week of ‘Peak’?? Absolute insanity!! His mileage has went up considerably which we weren’t really expecting. With ‘Peak’ in full swing everything is a chase, meaning he is running from one area of this massive warehouse to another only to go back to where he started off to get those precious goodies to be under the tree Christmas morning.

Week 1 of ‘Peak’ Totals

Hours – 55

Days – 6

Miles – 79.13

Steps – 180,774

That brings us to 3 weeks and 220ish miles to go. Right on track for Chris’ prediction. Hell, at this point I wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest if he hit 350 miles towards the end stretch. But even in all the craziness Chris managed another certificate of excellence for nearly 5200 perfect picks and had a huge safety save!! He continues to shrug it all off saying he’s just doing his job but I know it’s more than that. He strives to be the best at everything he does; the best worker, the best friend, the best son, the best husband. If it’s worth doing it’s worth doing right.

Being an Elf is hard. I know we’ve been here a lot longer than most, chugging away for over 3 months at this where some just finished their hardening half days to be thrown into 50+ hour weeks. We both agree that if Amazon ever calls our name again we’ll be starting the first part of November and not a moment sooner. We’ve already been through a whole bottle of liquid bandages and I suspect the 2nd bottle will be toast long before we’re done here. Everyday before work I lovingly paint Chris’ toes to try to lessen the pain and blisters. A body can only take so much, even my super hero hubby’s. I don’t know how the regular full-time workers do this day in and day out with any resemblance of a real life. I don’t know how they’d have the energy for it…

On a high note, so to speak, Chris has surpassed his weight loss goal!! As of this week he’s lost a little over 23 pounds. With the additional hours and miles I don’t know if maintaining is an option but if he keeps it up he’ll be wearing suspenders to Christmas dinner!! Chris looked up his BMI while I was giving him grief about getting too skinny and according to that messed up chart he has to lose another 5 pounds to be considered a normal weight. As of this moment he’s in the overweight category… Really?? I can count his ribs while he’s standing up and he’s overweight?? Give me a break!! That’s absolutely ridiculous!! And we wonder why people, girls especially, starve themselves…. OK, rant over.

So today is Chris’ only day off. I suspect he’ll be sleeping until mid-afternoon/early evening and I’m gonna let him sleep as long as his poor body needs. So long as I can keep the kids quiet that is… It’s the perfect day for it too, overcast and windy with a slight chance of rain. Once he’s fully rested and caffeinated he has to call a man about an RV. We’re hoping it’s still available and we can make arrangements to go get it after the first of the year. Fingers crossed!!

**Today I’m grateful to have Chris at home. I don’t even care if he sleeps the whole time so long as he’s home. I miss him…

With Much Love

Mrs Madcap




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