Upcycling Project Pics!!

Most of the projects are unfinished as I’m still waiting for more supplies to come in the mail but this is my progress thus far.

Upcycled bottles

These are bottles wrapped in either yarn or hemp and ribbon. They all need to be sealed with spray gloss and embellished. Still waiting on scrapbook paper to add labels…but once they’re complete they’ll be one of a kind vases!!

Which style is your favorite??


These are collages in the beginning stage. The first collage is complete but in desperate need of some spray paint, bling and then a sealing coat of gloss. The second collage is ongoing, not sure how big to go with it….but once complete the same finishing touches will be applied. Any guesses on what it’s made from??


And these are my two finished projects!! Magazine Bowls!!! Quite time-consuming but so adorable now that they’re done!! These could easily hold your keys and wallet or some fruit or cat toys or makeup or hair clips or loose change – the possibilities are endless!! I think they’d be super cute as indoor planters too, with a liner of course. I might add one more layer of sealant but over all – DONE!! I have a different version of the Magazine Bowl in the works too.

I have quite the stash of supplies to continue making more goodies. I have enough 2 Liter bottles now to start working on a 3 or 4 tier jewelry holder. A bunch of tin cans of various sizes to decorate plus some cardboard to work with to make ‘To Do List’ notebooks. The list goes on and on…

** I’m grateful I found upcycling!! This is so much fun and good for the environment too!!

With Much Love

Mrs Madcap


6 thoughts on “Upcycling Project Pics!!

  1. Hey there! Cute projects. Maybe after Amazon we can share recipes! As you know, there’s not much cooking happening for me these days… Sounds like you have a good plan.

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