Work Wanted!!

I love finding new blogs to read. It’s even better when it’s from a super groovy young couple we met here at Amazon!! Lo and Behold Miss Carol and her boy toy Kevin have a blog too!! Who’d of thunk!! Now I have my reading cut out for me tonight seeing as I always read a blog from the beginning to current. That way it’s like starting a new book and even though I know how the love story began and where the love birds are now I get to find out all the juicy details in between. Oh, how I do love a good romance!! And the workamping info is good too…I suppose. 😉

Actually I have already learned a thing or two…

First being it can’t hurt to put it out there that we are looking for work after Amazon. With me not sticking through till the bitter end like Chris the savings just ain’t what we were hoping for. So instead of a new rig and some much deserved time off for the Mr we’ll only be taking a mini break for the holidays and then it’s time to get back on the horse in some form or fashion. We’d really like to go to Quartzsite AZ to see the huge RV rally and flea markets but I haven’t been able to find any solid leads on employment available there. And with the rumors being mixed, lots of day jobs vs no reliable employment, we’re really hesitant to make the long drive when there’s a strong possibility of coming up empty-handed. Then what?? This ain’t the best time of year to be looking for workamping jobs as it is… Quite the pickle. So, if anyone knows of any real jobs available in Q or anywhere else let us know!! We’re game for just about anything!!

The second thing I learned – I post a lot!!  TeeHee

I hitched a ride tonight to the Wally to do our grocery shopping. With Chris working 6 days last week he was just plain ole exhausted. Poor thing!! I couldn’t bring myself to drag him to the grocery. Which was fine until we ran out of bread…kinda important for his lunches. But we were able to muddle through a couple of days with left over hot dog buns. But once the buns were gone and I discovered that the TP supply was next to nonexistent something had to be done. Chris is going to be so pleasantly surprised tonight when he comes home to find out we don’t have to go to the store. It’s all magically here. Done!! I think I just may get a brownie point or two for this one!! Last night we also discovered the Pizza Hut in town will deliver to us all the way out here. I was shocked!! I’m so glad we didn’t find out any earlier or we’d have been piggies about it. It’s just too easy to call it in… With only a few weeks left we can’t do that much harm, right??

I’m trying really really hard tonight to not nap. I’ve been splitting my sleep and it’s just not the same. A few hours here and a few hours there just ain’t cutting it. So, tonight I’m biting the bullet and staying up, no matter what!! But I still have a couple of hours to go before Mr gets home… Ughh!! After the grocery shopping I did the rolling and then some crafting and then some housework then I read Carol & Kevin’s blog and now I’m writing our blog…what else?? If I try to read my book I know I’ll be a goner so I guess it’s back to crafting I go!!

** Today I’m grateful for glue!! Not a single one of my craft projects could be done without it. Something I’ve taken for granted before but never again!! What would I be doing without it??

With Much Love

Mrs Madcap


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