10 Days/156 Miles to GO

Week 3 is finally over and we’re relaxing at home with our feet up sipping java juice and just being. Only 10 more work days to go and we’ve completed our mission, well Chris has at least. This week was a little easier than the last one but I think that’s just cuz the end is so close we can smell it. And just like everything else in life that’s a good and a bad thing….

Peak Week 2 Totals:

Days Worked – 5

Hours Worked – 50

Steps Taken – 148,747

Miles Walked – 64.56

Miles to GO – 156

Seeing as we’re 2 weeks in with 2 weeks to go Chris is right on track to hit his guesstimate of 300 miles to freedom. We’ll be out of Kansas very soon now. Which is a cause for celebration but also a little weird…we’ll have been here for 4 whole months by the time we actually pull out and hit the road again. The road to where has been the big question on everyone’s mind including our own. Well, sorry to keep y’all in suspense but we ain’t ready just quite yet to spill the beans on that little secret… Guess you’ll have to hang with us to find out!!

**Today I’m grateful for Pizza Hut delivery!! Just one of the little things that you appreciate all the more when it’s been unavailable for over 6 months!!

With much love

Mrs Madcap


5 thoughts on “10 Days/156 Miles to GO

  1. Wow! It’s hard to believe you’ve been there that long! Sure have enjoyed following your time there — everything from the wonderful neighbors to fixing up Big Red to the jewelry to the crafts. And the kids, of course.

    Can’t wait to see where you’ll go next! πŸ™‚

    • And the next adventure should be a doozy…where ever and when ever that is. Hoping to have an update soon. We’re sitting on pins and needles over here waiting to hear something…

  2. Yep time does fly, still hard yo believe THAT much has passed.

    Was thinking you would have said where the next stop would be ,,, but we will hang in there and wait to see….. Hope it is everything you want it to be.

    Amazon is kicking my butt the last few days here, but I will prevail. Go Chris.

    • Time has flown!! I had to double check my dates to make sure that was right cuz it sure don’t seem like it’s been that long… And now we are 2 hot shakes from Christmas…Holy Cow!!
      Next stop…well…No firm reservations as of yet. Just another item on my never-ending to do list these days.
      Better get my butt in gear!

  3. It is amazing how fast it has gone! I think we started around when you did (Sept 3.) and I can’t believe it is almost over already! It really has gone by fast. Curious to see where you head next. As for us, we still don’t know. We may stay on with ICQA after Christmas for a month or so if they need us, to buy us some time if nothing else! So many options…

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