A Night at the Casino!!

Kansas SunsetWe had a gorgeous sunset a few nights ago just as the clouds and colder weather were creeping in. It was the best viewing of colors I’ve been able to capture in Kansas so far. The sunsets just come and go so quickly…

We had a night out on the town Friday with another couple from Amazon. I haven’t seen them for a couple of months and it was really nice to catch up and have a real honest to goodness date night. We headed over to Joplin to the casino there. Who can pass up Friday Night Crab Legs at the Casino Buffet?? It’s funny, after all these months of eating in with the occasional splurge on a pizza how the buffet at a casino turns into a 5 Star restaurant. I was so tickled to go out with adults, get all dolled up and have some fun!! We had a blast on the slot machines. Trying new ones since my favorite the Goldfish were taken the whole entire night. We were up and then down and then up…that’s the way it goes. We ended up making a small donation but heaven knows we’ve made bigger donations in the past!!

It was great, until I started getting another one of my infamous stomach aches. Really?? On my date night?? Grrrr… I stuck it out until everyone else had their fill of blackjack and slots but there was still a good hour drive back home… OMG!! I thought we’d never ever get home… I had plenty of time to think about what could have caused this one to come on. Lord knows I didn’t have popcorn, I’ve stayed a mile away from that stuff since I figured out it was the culprit last time!! It had to have been the sunflower seeds I had on my salad…that’s the only thing that makes any sense. This is one helluva way to figure out what is on the Do Not Eat list!! It took hours for the pain to subside so I could sleep the rest off and then Saturday my midsection felt like I’d been squeezed to death by the Jolly Green Giant. So much for our date night happy ending… Double Grrr!!

As I’m working off my ‘episode’ Chris was fighting off a doozy of a migraine. That cold front moving in must have had some major pressure behind it cuz this migraine took 2 pills to chill it out and it still didn’t completely get rid of it. It’s been a long long time since Chris has had to take 2 migraine pills for one headache!! Here’s to hoping he’s feeling better today…day 3 and counting.

Well aren’t we a barrel of laughs these past few days?? While we were laid up at home licking our wounds we finished getting caught up on our latest TV series, Breaking Bad. I wasn’t so sure about the series when we started watching it but it came highly recommended so I suffered through the first few episodes and then was just as hooked as Chris. We can’t wait to see how it all comes out as they wrap up the series next year.

With only 10 days left of Amazon that means we have about 10 days until we head to Chicago for Christmas. Good gravy!! We’ve been so focused on Amazon it sure did sneak up on us!! I’ve got some serious Christmas shopping, wrapping and such to get done this week!! Woo Boy!! Time to get busy!!

**Today I’m grateful for quiet kids. Dickie sure is a talker and when he’s quiet so Chris can sleep it’s a real blessing!!

With Much Love

Mrs Madcap


2 thoughts on “A Night at the Casino!!

  1. I’m going to try one more…I don’t think my replies or private emails are going through to you. I sent you a huge list of links for job links…sure hope you received it???? Or maybe I’m missing something…
    Sorry for the stomach ughs….casino buffets used to be the bomb!
    Ten days and counting….bet you can’t wait! I can’t even believe Christmas so close!

    • Sorry for the delays… Internet can be real sketchy at the park especially when it’s real windy. I got the email and I’m checking into several as we speak!! Thank you tons & loads for the leads!!
      !0 Days!! Yikes!! Busy busy busy!!
      Hopefully this sunshine will bring good internet for me to get caught up with everyone!!
      Thanks for hanging in with me.

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