Damn It’s Cold!!

Yesterday I thoroughly freaked out about how close it is to Christmas and how utterly unprepared we are for it!! It totally sneaked up on us… Now I’m getting oh so excited about our mini vacation to my Mom and Dad’s house. We’ll get away from the kids for a little bit, get to sleep in a big bed in a heated house and shower in privacy!! Sounds like heaven!! Oh yeah and my whole family will be there…can’t forget the most important ingredient!! It sure doesn’t feel like Christmas around here. Not sure what our deal is this year but neither of us have been able to get into the Ho Ho Ho spirit of it all. It’s cute how some of the RVs have big red bows, Christmas lights and wreaths on em. We’ve even seen a few mini Christmas trees on the tables inside. The only thing that even remotely looks like Christmas around here are all the boxes we’ve received with the presents we ordered online in em.

I thought maybe with it getting a little colder it’d put a little Jingle in my step. Not so much… More like froze us to death!! Chris came home from work last night to find me in his heavy sweat pants, my hoodie (with the hood up) wrapped in two blankets hovering over the electric heater like it was a fire. I can’t even begin to tell you what awful things that hood did to my hair. I probably spent 10 minutes in the shower this morning conditioning the knots out as best I could before attacking the rat’s nest with my wide tooth comb!! So our first order of business this morning was to march ourselves down to the Wally to get us a 2nd heater. With it getting down to 20 degrees at night the one heater was barely keeping the living room in the mid 50s, forget the bedroom, I’m sure we could have seen our breath back there if the lights were on!! Thank heavens it’s supposed to stay sunny so we’ll get the daytime solar heat and the temps are supposed to be back up to the low 60s by the end of the week. I was oh so grateful Chris talked me into buying another heating blanket the last time we were at the Wally!! Funny how a Twin size covers our whole entire bed…but it’s so snuggly and kept us toasty once our toes and noses thawed. I’m happy to report that the two heaters are keeping it a lovely 70 degrees in the front of the rig. Yippee!!

With most of my chores done last night I get to play tonight!! I’ve got several upcylcing projects to put the finishing touches on and a couple of custom jewelry orders to finish as well. At least with the 2 heaters going I’ll be able to feel my fingers to work!! πŸ™‚


Look how cute Pinky is curled up on Daddy’s laptop!! TeeHee!! She is so busted!!


**Today I’m grateful for that moment when I’m snuggled up with Chris that our breathing matches and everything feels right in the world.


With Much Love

Mrs Madcap


2 thoughts on “Damn It’s Cold!!

  1. Yikes! That sounds COLD!

    So glad the two heaters and heating blanket are keeping you warm enough. Elves can’t do Christmas with frozen fingers! πŸ™‚

    Hope your can get into the Christmas spirit. We have had a fleeting whiff of it so far, but it isn’t sticking.

    And hope your Christmas at home will be a special, life-long memory-making one!

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