Ho Hum

Sorry for the radio silence folks. I’ve been a bit under the weather and still not feeling myself. Lots of folk around here have been down with the crude so I guess it’s only fair to take my turn. Thankfully Chris hasn’t been infected.

It is such a beautiful day here. It’s so hard to believe that it’s the middle of December while I’m outside with shorts and flip-flops on. Still have to wear my hoodie to ward off the chilly breeze but with full sun and temps in the 50s & 60s I’ll deal with the light breeze. Well light for Kansas at least… The kids are enjoying the windows and door open, soaking up those sunbeams and the breeze while they last.

Chris is tinkering with the car again. She just ain’t been running right so he took advantage of this perfect day to tear Big Red down to find her remaining issue. Well it seems that the timing was off by a tooth. That could have spelled big trouble if we had tried to take her any distance like that. He’s putting the finishing touches on her now than its off for a test drive. I wouldn’t be surprised if he wanted to go topless as pretty as it is today. Fingers and toes crossed this is the last of Red’s issues for a while!!

In between naps I’ve been finishing up some of my upcycling projects and my custom jewelry orders. I promise pics as soon as I can find a clean spot to take ’em. This place is a complete disaster between no energy to clean and the crafts spread out everywhere. Never mind all the Christmas presents have now arrived and we have all the boxes stacked literally to the ceiling. Oh well. Such as life.

Rumor has it that we may be asked to stay on with Amazon for a little longer. We’re hoping Chris can get a definite answer tomorrow night when he goes into work. Either way it’s time to get on with planning our next move. We should be so excited about moving on but between me feeling icky and Chris being so damn tired from all the overtime we’re just can’t muster it. I’m sure once we’re on the road it’ll hit us. Our next destination is San Antonio. More to come on what exactly we’ll be doing once we get there… Back to the Texas warmth, friendly people and the best grocery store on the planet, HEB, we go. We’re looking for a cheap place to stay in the area so if anyone has any suggestions we’re all ears!! The thought of going back to Texas has the feeling of going home, that has to mean something!!

Hope y’all are well. I’ve missed ya!!

**Today I’m grateful for the Sunshine. It brightens my mood and disposition every time!!

With Much Love

Mrs Madcap


7 thoughts on “Ho Hum

  1. Will leave a light on…stop by Oak Forest in Austin enroute, $22 weeknight Passport America rate…several recent neighs are here and headed to SA….

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