Upcycling, Crafts and Jewelry Pics Revealed

I’ve been keeping busy with a few Pinterest inspired projects lately and I’m proud to say they are DONE!! Yippee!! The only problem now is what to do next??  😉

**Warning** Pictures below may contain Christmas present spoilers!!

100_1261 Here is the finished collage after a can of spray paint and a light weight fancy button in the center. It’s surprisingly very sturdy and I think it came out rather elegant. Especially when you think about what it’s made of!! I can assure you we won’t be wasting any cardboard tubes around here anymore!! This collage is going to my little sister for her living room wall.

Special thanks to Pinky, my lovely assistant!!

100_1264 100_1265 100_1266This is a different style magazine bowl. It took two whole magazines to complete. The base is the same as the small bowls I’d previously done but the walls are small random circular designs. Once assembled I used Mod Podge to seal the entire bowl. I was surprised at how heavy it came out when all done especially when considering it’s only made up of magazine pages and glue. I’m in absolute LOVE with this project!! It’s amazing what you can do with a couple of magazines and about 10 hours of time!! I think it’d be fun to do more of these with different kinds of paper. Any ole paper would work – Wrapping paper, scrapbooking paper, comics, newspaper, loose book pages – the possibilities are endless!!


I’ve finally finished the custom jewelry for 3 very special little girls down the road. I just hope they can feel the magic in the pieces and enjoy them as much as I’ve enjoyed creating them!!

100_1275 100_1276 100_1278 100_1281

My next project was a set of gratitude journals. I ordered some lovely scrapbooking paper with my other orders but when the box came there was NO scrapbook paper. Apparently the Black Friday sale was so fabulous (and it was!!) that they sold out before I placed my order. Bummer!! Oh well, just time to improvise a bit. So I picked up some standard printer paper and some colored pencils and went to work creating my own scrapbook paper. I then covered the front and back of little composition notebooks with my pretty paper. I’ll add a glitter coat and seal it with Mod Podge to finish it off. I’m also thinking little bookmarks with ribbon would be a cute addition especially since I have so much pretty paper left over. But I do have plans for the remainder of the paper… It involves washers and of course more Mod Podge…but you’ll just have to wait on that one… TeeHee!!

These projects were so much fun!! I can tell I’ve found a new friend in Mod Podge!! I think it’s time to get the size up and get back to playing!!

Please leave a comment with your thoughts & opinions!!

**Today I’m grateful the camera batteries held out just long enough to take these pics for you!! 😉

With Much Love

Mrs Madcap


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