Have you ever had one of those weeks where you wanna just say F#*& it?? Oh yeah!! It’s been that kinda week.

How long would it take for anyone to notice the blog had been deleted?? How many people actually read my ramblings? Enough that would care that they were gone? Would miss them…. Would miss me?

If I can’t say what I want, well, what’s the point?? I’m always monitoring and censoring to avoid hurting anyone’s feelings or recently to avoid giving certain busy bodies ammo.

Besides, what am I going to write about in less than a month when we’re back to 9-5 jobs and the whole RV adventure is over?? No one seems to care about the upcycling/craft blogs so why write them? We’ll be back to boring soon enough so might as well close the blog down now…

So, guess what? I don’t care if this is offensive…take it however you want. Whatever!!

And by the way, if you think I’m depressed, down, cranky, bitchy, whiny, pitiful, annoying, sad – maybe so, but I’m also being real. Take it or leave it!!



20 thoughts on “Whatever!!

  1. Re: your inquiry about cheap camping in the San Antonio area…check out http://www.castroville.com/regional_park.htm#rvpark It’s $275/month and includes utilities. In the spring and summer the community swimming pool at the park is open.

    The downside is that it’s not right in San Antonio, it’s about 45 minutes to an hour out in the town of Castroville. So if you’re going to be working in town, that may not be a very good option.

    You can go into rvparkreviews.com to see what other RVers thought of this park.

    BTW, I’m sure people are reading your blogs, but it’s holiday season. I’m not getting near the comments I was when people were out traveling more with more time on their hands to read.

    Let us know when you’re in San Antonio.

    Merry Christmas.

    Susan & Bob

    • Thanks Susan!! Just a little pity party but now that the wine is gone my head is clear again. I’m definitely checking into those websites. I’ll poke ya when we get there!!

  2. Eck….been there, felt that but sure so many overwhelmed with holiday countdown, sickness, etc. I think I missed something but if you follow me you know … don’t be sad it’s Christmas. hope new doors open…and love comes your way in unexpected ways xoxox ps loved your magazine bowls…a woman after my heart 🙂

    • Thank YOU!! Feeling much better after venting and taking time to sort things out. I have a bad tendency to ignore bad stuff…then it becomes big bad hairy ugly stuff. Regroup on!!
      I’m making a different kind of magazine bowl…and the a bathroom trash can. So much fun!!

  3. I don’t normally comment on blogs; I have in the past, but rarely. I do follow your blog. In fact I’m down to four in my “favorites” folder in my browser that I follow regularly, and yours is one. So I would miss your blog.

    I too have been making gifts for my family for Christmas this year. I think handcrafted gifts are gifts from the heart. It’s a lot of work and I can only hope they appreciate my efforts, as I’m sure those who receive your upcycled/crafty things will.

    I feel like I kind of know you from reading your blog, although you don’t know me; please hang in there and look ahead to when you’ll be with your family and moving on to your next adventure, even if it’s a 9 to 5 job.

    Wishing you the Season’s best,

  4. I’m sorry sweetheart. I read your blog faithfully. I miss you terribly. I’m just not a good communicator. I have stories to tell you, but i hate this 3 finger typing thing i do. i want to call, but i hate the dang phone, specially the last 3 weeks. i cant hear a thing.. been real sick.. thats no excuse, you’ve been gone a long time. i was so excited when i read you were coming home for the holidays, then saw it wasnt here… got sad. i love you baby girl,, forever

    • Ma, we miss y’all terribly!! We all need to get better at this communication long distance thing. We’ll figure it out!! Don’t be sad… I don’t think I could stop blogging now if I tried. 😉
      Love you More!!

  5. Thought it was just me that was having a bit of a pity party, but welcome to my party. Did you bring a pitcher of margaritas? But seriously, I’ve been feeling very out of sorts, too, people not cooperating but I guess I’ll get over it. Also, not many comments, etc. on my blog either, think it’s due to Christmas. Feel better! Penny

    • I just saw some mix for Mango Margaritas… Game?? Pity parties happen…they’re nice to share…to help get over and move on!! I hope you’re feeling a bit better. Getting it out helps a lot!!

  6. I also read every one but do not comment onanyones. I do like the upcycleing. Hope y ou feel better soon. Holidays tend to hit everyone differently.hope you have a nice visit home and that should lift your spirits. Take care and Merry Christmas to you and Chris.

  7. I know where to find you! I love you and no matter what you want to do, do it. Don’t let anyone ever hold you down to anything you don’t want…that means the blog too! I will read about your 9-5’er washing dishes in a real sink and taking nice hot running showers….oooooo and I will be so jelly! haha I mean c’mon have you read my blog posts! All we do is sit in the van! haha I love you Kitty and we are hoping to maybe get out that way to be able to give you the biggest hug of our lives! I will be stalking you, so watch out! I love you!

  8. I personally think a good pity party is good for the soul every now and then. Sometimes we just need to know that people care. I personally love your blog, and am glad you plan to continue. Your writing is so lively and fun. I wish you luck on your new adventure. Things do happen for a reason, no matter how difficult they may be. Keep smiling, you brighten everyone’s day. Mine included. 🙂

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