17 Years of Fabulous!!

17 years ago yesterday I laid eyes on my Mr for the very first time. We had been chatting for quite a while but it was our first date. I love hearing other people’s love stories but just like the saying, I happen to think ours is the best!!

I called an ex-boyfriend after going to a Christmas party with a total jerk to ask if there were any nice guys left. Keep in mind I was just barely 16 at the time… Funny to think about it now. And guess who answered the phone? Well Chris did, my jerk of an ex-boyfriends friend that I had never met. He was super shy and so funny and smart and nice to me. We talked on the phone after that for weeks, late at night after work when our parents thought we were sleeping. (Sorry Mom & Dad) He was unlike any other person I had ever met. He knew things, been places. He had huge dreams. And he was talking to me in the middle of the night…for hours. Our first date consisted of him coming to see me after work. It was so close to the holidays it was all the time either of us could spare. I remember getting into his car, a Dodge Daytona that he was so proud of, and marveling that such a good-looking guy, that was so nice, hadn’t been snatched up yet. I remember flirting with him mercilessly just to watch him blush. He was ever the gentleman, no moves just talking. It was a perfect first ‘date’.

I knew within a couple of months that I was going to marry Chris. Our relationship was so easy. Almost as if we were always meant to find each other and now that we had we were complete. It sounds like a fairy tale and it is!! Not many people are lucky enough to find their soul mates in life, let alone in High School. So, even all these years later we still celebrate our first anniversary. How could we not? All these Fabulous years together…all the memories…the adventures…the love.

I’m blessed with more blessings than could be counted in a hundred years. True Love tops that list every time.

With Much Love

Mrs Madcap


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