She’s ALIVE!!

Big Red is purring again!! All thanks to Chris’ determination and brilliance!! Or could it be that I helped this time and so it had a bit of fabulous mixed in with the brilliance?? I guess we’ll never know…and at this point I don’t care… She’s purring again and is ready to make the trek down to San Antonio – No Prob!! That’s all that matters.

So what was her deal?? Well we were a tooth off from replacing the timing belt and after Chris’ research online discovered that one of the wheel things will naturally move when re-assembling so we redid the timing belt again this time with me holding everything in place so there was no slippage. She still had a little cough about her though. Chris checked all the pans for the worst – but everything was as clean as could be. Fabulous!! Checked the wires and one was really bad. We nursed her to O’Reilly for a new set, popped ’em in while still in the parking lot and she instantly started her oh so beloved deep throat purr. She still needed her timing adjusted so we tested her out and headed home. Chris adjusted the timing and we took her back out to Wally for another test run. She is ACES!! Hallelujah!!

We are starting to get some of the little things done to head down to San Antonio shortly. Chris finished cutting the last remnants of the awning off and tightened the hold on the tires on the roof. Tomorrow night I’ll be catching up on as much laundry and dishes as possible. We still have a little more time here especially since Chris received word that he could work tomorrow night. Besides for another days pay that also gives us until the 26th here paid for by Amazon. The lot rent will probably end up being more than the pay but it all equals money in the long run. The current plan is to stay put until the day after Christmas. Then we’ll head back to WinStar Casino on the Oklahoma Texas border for a night and then finish up the drive to San Antonio. Needless to say people were leaving right and left today. But late tomorrow we’ll be one of about 20 campers left. Everyone’s so excited to be done and off on yet another adventure. We wish them all happiness and safe travels where ever the road leads them!!

We both are so grateful that Big Red is running fabulously again. A huge weight has been lifted off our shoulders. Everything is going to be OK now.

With Much Love

Mrs Madcap


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