100_1282 100_1284It’s Christmas Eve and all through the RV the kids are sprawled out on one heating blanket or the other. Poor Goober got booted soon after the first pic, see the evil eye from Pinks… Smart girl went to the bed with the big ole heating blankey all to herself!! All kids love wrapping paper and ours are no different!! I just wanted to steal the tube for another collage project!! 😉

We’re wrapped up in blankets of our own with both heaters going preparing for the low temps overnight. It only reached 35 today and tonight is supposed to be in the teens. The solar heat on the roof helped keep us warm today but not enough to turn off both the heaters. Tomorrow is supposed to be more of the same only add in snow showers!! Yikes!! We so hoped we’d be down south before any snow would hit but we missed the mark by  a couple of days. We’ll just have to wait it out and see how much snow comes our way and the path we plan to take south. Good thing we’re not in a big hurry!! I don’t think this is the kinda Snowbirds we wanted to be!!

In preparation for hitting the road and the oncoming snow we hit the Wally today to stock up on easy meals and other necessities. We also got all the laundry done, which was so much easier now that the campground is nearly deserted again, and filled up every water jug we own. This campground holds approximately 75 RVs and we are now down to roughly 20 left. We are the only ones left in the first 2 rows. It’s nice to have the facilities to ourselves, I had the best shower yet today – hot hot water and full pressure and all to myself, but the lack of wind shield might prove to be a little rocky tomorrow with gusts set to be 40+ mph!! Give and take I guess…

We still have a lot of packing to do before we can actually hit the road. After 4+ months here it seems we have done quite a bit of spreading out…I know it all fit in here to begin with, somehow… We have gotten all the outside stuff done besides the final flush of the septic system, it’s the inside that’s the issue. Part of the issue is all my acquired crafting supplies and finished projects along with all the Christmas gifts that were meant to go with us to Chicago. They’ll all find a temporary home, somewhere, somehow… Until we happen across a post office that is!!

In our packing a lot of the crafting stuff is starting to get stashed away. 😦 But some of my stashing is quite clever… If I do say so myself…

100_1287 100_1288

I put a lot of my jewelry findings in this old egg carton and then clipped the tops off the bottom of another egg carton to seal them in and rubber banded the whole deal with rubber bands off our last batch of asparagus for a totally upcycled storage container!! It’s so perfect to see everything I have and get to it easily. One more of these and everything should be at my fingertips for easy jewelry making magic. 😉

I have been working on a couple new projects… Wanna see?? I’ll be posting them soon, before they get boxed up for our trip south. Been trying to stay busy with crafts instead of dwelling on all the fun I’m missing in Chicago as my cousins make a surprise visit… Oh well, maybe next time!!

Can’t sign off just yet… Today is a very special ladies Birthday!! Happy Birthday Miss Yolanda!! Party hearty tonight and deal with the wine headache tomorrow!! All our love!!

** Today I’m grateful for that fabulous shower!! There is definitely something to be said for really hot water, great pressure and privacy… It’s the little things folks!!

With Much Love

Mrs Madcap



6 thoughts on “Snowbirds??

  1. Awwwww. The kids are purr-fect, but that stink eye is hilarious. Just like kids! 😀

    Yikes. The weather tomorrow sounds awful. Hope you stay warm and safe.

    Cool about not having to hassle about laundry and having hot showers! And your findings container looks like a great solution!

    Looking forward to seeing the projects.

    Merry Christmas!!!!

    • I’m such a dork!! I packed away most of the projects before taking any pics…. DUH!! We’ll be setting up shop soon enough and all the projects will be out again. Yippee!! Miss em already!!

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